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  1. Crim7AmbiencE

    Greyed out turret cells

    I have tried changing the reticles and sometimes it still persists. I don't see any difference in the GUI with the increased contrast. But it's fine, no need to worry about it. Doesn't affect my gameplay other than me finding it weird.
  2. Crim7AmbiencE

    Greyed out turret cells

    Thats weird, cuz I was able to fire it as all the turrets were facing the enemy ship on my cursor. Wouldn't the lower left ship status also show the turret icons as greyed out? Something like this. See how my 2 aft turrets are greyed out on the lower left ship status? But this doesn't happen on my Zao.
  3. Crim7AmbiencE

    Greyed out turret cells

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I have been seeing these greyed out turret values on a few of my ships recently, even though I am able to fire them. Is this a bug? (Has anyone encountered this issue before?) Or is it just me...
  4. Crim7AmbiencE

    No need to worry about this post anymore~

    Yea I just realized after looking through Ibuki's page. Sorry bout that.
  5. Hey guys, I need some help clarifying this. Tryna unlock Zao but I just noticed the difference in research price from the tech tree and the actual ship page. Even the wiki states 238000. Am I getting ripped off??? Edit: nvrmind, I just realized I gotta go through Ibuki for that. RIP
  6. Crim7AmbiencE

    Yamamoto as Capt'n

    Yea..during pearl harbor. Read that too where he personally supervised the development of aircraft carriers.
  7. Crim7AmbiencE

    Yamamoto as Capt'n

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what ships yall would put him in once you have gotten Yamamoto as a captain for your ships. I believe the Yamato was his flagship during 1942, but never "served" on it? Correct me if I am wrong on this...not much of a history person :D I was thinking either to put mine in the Yamato or Akizuki or Mogami....(lazy to farm to Zao). Although I do not play Yamato as often as I would on the Zuki and the Gami anymore, would the latter serve a better purpose for unleashing his special skills in game? (Mainly I just want to see his red tracer shells as much as possible....->Akizuki) Hue?
  8. Crim7AmbiencE

    UFO Sighted!

    Portal to....???? DUN DUN dunnnnnnn
  9. Crim7AmbiencE

    So...Akizuki or Minotaur?

    Lol, thats still far down the road. Prolly retired from WoWs by then.
  10. Crim7AmbiencE

    So...Akizuki or Minotaur?

    Well, I ve already bought Aki and played for a couple of games, it takes a while to adapt to it but feels fun to me. Just what I expected. Tier 9 and 10? Wat? I mainly play tier 7-10 games so everything is kinda normal to me. I dont really mind the overmatch, but getting lower tier destroyers is fun, means I can bully them....finally.....
  11. Crim7AmbiencE

    Anyway to promote In-game chat/team-work?

    I understand everyone's point of view. As what has been mentioned, I created this post to get creative ideas and solutions to bring the community together to enhance the game experience to a further level. I apologize if I had offended any of you in any possible way.
  12. Crim7AmbiencE

    So...Akizuki or Minotaur?

    Lazy to grind for another year. XD Have enough free xp to get one right now. I know how you feel, as a Tier 10 player myself, games these days are getting worse and worse. Been playing on tier 5s and 6s, they are much more fun than 9s and 10s. No citadel is good ship. I guess Akizuki then, since its name sounds similar to my step sister's name as well.
  13. Crim7AmbiencE

    So...Akizuki or Minotaur?

    I know both are entirely different ships and are highly situational. I discussed with some public players in games as well, some recommended Aki while some for Mino. I main the IJN line, mostly BBs. Been working on the British line as well as the IJN destroyers. I just want either one to have fun. Ya know, pew pew pew kinda fun. Minotaur will always be in top tier games, while Aki has chances of being in the lower tiers, yet again they are both highly situational. Just wanted some insight on which is better or worse. Before proceeding further into either nation's line. Pew Pew?
  14. As the title says... I know a lot of players in the Asia server do not speak English that well to communicate, but what is stopping you from trying? Often I see players conversing in other languages, you know, the "[][][][][]" type of chat. When we ask them to write in English, everyone becomes silent. Sometimes I see players unsure of what to do or which direction to head to. Since a lot of players nowadays tend to...turn tail and run away, thus what happens are: (Personal Observations) -Battleships left without support. -Battleships act as cruisers or snipers. -Cruisers charging straight into enemy fleet. -Cruisers becoming DDs or hanging far behind base. -DDs alone in front with no backup. I know this is neither the NA or EU server, but we all know teamwork or a good strategy is key to success. Occasionally we would see players only writing in the chat after their ships are sunk, but then again most of the players who do these tend to "supervise" how the surviving players play. I myself used to write a lot in chat in order to enhance the game-play experience of the rest of the team. These days not so much, since no one even bother to chat much. Back then, my concept was: Better chat/coordination = Increase in Morale/motivation = Better performance = Higher chances of success = Win? This is not meant to be a hate post nor to be seen as a negative one. I was just wondering if there are any ways we could promote or perhaps motivate players to communicate others as much as possible? Cuz remember: Better communication = Better performance = Profit?
  15. Crim7AmbiencE

    I'm be honor to face a famous player

    Try HE, I prefer things.........hot.