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  1. Ashmedia

    wtf torps?

    this topic ain't that wise at all... If you're going to play this ya' better learn how to steer your ship to avoid incoming torps/
  2. Ashmedia


    if you're already surrounded by torps you now what's coming next.......
  3. Ashmedia


    you're only waiting for nothing
  4. Changes in obt and future updates should include this correction thus we are all expecting a lot of it to be reworked.
  5. Ashmedia

    Historical Battles Query

    Same as what happened at WoT's historical battles.
  6. Ashmedia

    WoWs X Kancolle fan trailer

    Nice looking good
  7. Ashmedia

    IJN or USN Cruiser?

    USN cruisers have the forte of fire power and durability while IJN cruisers have the forte of speed and flexibility but is much more softer that their counter parts. (correct me if im wrong)
  8. Ashmedia

    WWII naval movies

    i can't find any working torrents of this movies, links anyone?
  9. Ashmedia

    how to report bug & bad player

    yeah i'd like to do that too bad players just tend to ram their ships into other allies just like what happened to me.
  10. Ashmedia

    Does autoaim exist?

    I'd rather prefer aiming manually than auto but could use it when using destroyers though.