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  1. the karlsruhe (no capital because it does not deserve the honour of one) is not just awful its Godawful the other Cruisers at tier 4 out class it in every way except maybe concealment but the difference there small to the point of non existence i am grinding it right now. i wouldn't say im a good player but i do get a few kills, with the karlsuck kills are few and far between even when i resort to poaching them the ship sails like its sitting on a reef it hits like a bb gun and has worse armor than a tin can and worst of all its just not fun
  2. i had a match today where i was driving the Langley with a zuiho up against 2 IJN carriers, i suck using carriers i cannot begin to explain how bad at driving carriers i am. still i managed to sweep the enemy out of the sky, kill a battleship and a cruiser and watched as the enemy carriers impotently ran away from our advancing Battleships. In that battle there were times i got into fights with 2 fighter squadrons with 1 a tier higher than me and i lost 3 fighters in the whole match
  3. Kaymish

    the Tillman 'maximum battleship' designs

    from what i read about the "Maximium Battleships", and this was a while back so i might have remembered it wrongly, was that Senator Tilman was getting pissed with the Navy begging for more and more money to build bigger and bigger BB's and then ignoring congress when they said "this is the max you can have" so he says to the navy Oi design me a BB the maximium size you want and then thats it so the navy comes back with these monsters where the only constraint was the size of the panama canal so they are about the size of a modern container ship
  4. well there is another suppose to be coming online in mid-2016 but it links Sydney and Raglan which makes it useless for WOWs plays in Australia