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  1. karrablaster123

    Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    Can't they buff the hiryu/ranger's fighters to compensate?
  2. karrablaster123

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    ^^ Her guns are the same on the KGV and she has fewer. She might have better sigma since she had better fire control. Her armor is worse than the KGV and she only is 2 knots faster. Tier 9 won't work for her
  3. karrablaster123

    Detection Through lslands

    Please run premium consumables. They are not very expensive and can be the difference between victory and defeat
  4. karrablaster123

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    Vanguard is quite possible... But I don't see her becoming a tier 9.
  5. karrablaster123

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    Actually SP guns could be a gimmick by itself. They might lose DFAA and have worse AA than fletcher/gearing in return for better guns and maybe heal
  6. karrablaster123

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovetsky_Soyuz-class_battleship Closest to real russian T9 ships that they can get
  7. karrablaster123

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    T9 prem fxp ships will be historical(to make more ppl buy it) until WG run out of real ships to add. I see alaska being either T8 or T9. porter class is an interesting prospect. Oregon-city class is possible with special DFAA gimmick(unlimited?) Considering the USN cruiser split, we might see a brooklyn/st louis class as T9 fxp. We might see the Ticonderoga class(long essex) or Shinano for CV.
  8. karrablaster123

    Gadjah Mada Turret A need more angle to shoot

    Probably like that for balans reasons. or maybe historical. Interesting thing is that gadjah mada had a 1x5 torpedo launcher historically...
  9. karrablaster123

    Camouflage sorting

    Ah... I thought you were talking about signals
  10. karrablaster123

    Camouflage sorting

    Well flags are already pretty sorted and there aren't many of them. But would be no harm if the feature existed
  11. karrablaster123

    How to friedrich der grosse

    Don't run secondary build. While they are the strongest secondaries in the game and can be scary, their damage/fires are limited. On top of that you have to get within 12km to use them. It would be far better if you specced for tankiness.
  12. karrablaster123

    Captains without ships

    You can't sell it.
  13. karrablaster123

    Game disconnects at the end of a battle

    1. Description Game randomly disconnects at the end of the game. Upon reconnecting everything works fine. 2. Reproduction steps Unknown. It occurs randomly. Not on specific ships/times etc. 3. Result At the end of a battle, the game disconnects instead of showing the results screen 4. Expected result The game shouldn't disconnect and it should show the results screen 5. Technical details Python Log: SoonTM DxDiag: SoonTM My internet is fine during the disconnect since I am able to instantly reconnect. I do assume that the game is most likely not the issue here but I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced it. This never occurred before the last update.
  14. karrablaster123

    Camouflage sorting

    A feature to sort camouflages based on the bonuses. When one has a lot of different camouflages and one needs to grind free xp for example, it would be nice if there was a way to sort camos by free xp.
  15. karrablaster123

    way too much divisions

    Hello darkness my old friend