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  1. WoT does have a nice feature to add flags as decals to the tank. Obviously these flags can be downloaded via a modpack like Aslains or Hakabase, for ones like the KM. National flags tohugh as they stand and not their naval variant i havent seen. Doesnt mean that you cant create them though. Only issue with that is that no one else bar you, or those that run that mod can see it.
  2. greifer

    Frequently disconnected from Asia server

    There used to be a post on how to diagnosis your packet loss to the server in Singapore, I will try and locate that to see if that has any steps to assist. To the OP, does your connection have issues to any servers located locally, or the west coast of the US? Any other servers that you can test as well, for example WoT SG as well, and does that have the same issue? Also found the post from @Syanda back in the day that may assist. Hopefully that post will help with the steps required to raise a ticket with the information.
  3. greifer

    Clan battle start?

  4. greifer

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Isnt that the wrong attitude though? WGs download page directs us to the Asia region not NA. So should we not be catered to for competitive times? If its better to go to NA for Clan battles, why doesnt the website direct us there, or are players offered a transfer? Neither will happen, so we are lumped with trying to get the times rectified. As a moderator, stating going to play to NA is very counter productive!
  5. greifer

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Poor form WG, though doubt they will read this section, small area of influence. For this reason alone when friends from other games ask if its worth playing, i tell them no. Honest and simple, its good for a few good games, but do not invest time or money at all as our region in a competitive sense is marginalised.
  6. Thought AMPOL went bust? What are you charging per litre though? the ACCC may be onto you!
  7. greifer

    Geez can't people take a joke now?

    It happens at tier 10, your team can report you for being the best player to being last alive, even if carrying them. Bad luck on your loss in the ship as well!
  8. I love Estuary, being a cruiser. Lots of islands to hide behind and fire without using smoke when RN CLs, or US Cruisers. With a spotter/fighter plane you get a self spotter which is just as handy. Its a game mechanic, where a paper ship can use a map to its advantage to deal damage. I think its fine as if something does not spot you in return, you are in effect using indirect fire to harm the enemy. Most generally call that good game play. @Ordrazz happy to play the map with you and show you how to counter. There are many good ways, from going dark, or going behind cover yourself. Remember the mini-map will be your best friend in this instance.
  9. greifer

    this game is literally unplayable

    I have to admit i havent experienced this issue, but many have reported it and i have heard clan members of discord complain about it, so its there. Its good that its being looked at least as @icy_phoenix quoted.
  10. greifer

    Australian potatoes

    tsk, tsk at least our girlfriends dont assault the police! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4046998/New-Zealand-Police-issue-appeal-sheep-assaults-police-officer.html :)
  11. greifer

    Australian potatoes

    to all the kiwi's Baaaa!
  12. greifer

    Australian potatoes

    we should run the 6-7 Khaba divisions again and burn Zaos to the ground in 20 seconds again. That was amusing to say the least.
  13. greifer

    Highlight of he Year

    2017 is ending, and im sure many of us have had some great games. What were your highlights or goals that you achieved? My personal fun one, was earning close quarter expert in a Yubari. 1 secondary gun at 2.1km range :) Probably too many low lights to name
  14. greifer

    Wonderful Winter

    lol @MatterCore are you the only one replying to your own post?
  15. greifer

    why, karma, why

    bots are too OP for your alt!