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    Question Regarding Invitation Codes

    she still did the referral program thing. btw, @drakon, she says you're an angel and a gift from god.
  2. kitty_cloud

    Question Regarding Invitation Codes

    XD too late for both. the lil one already made an account just now
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    Question Regarding Invitation Codes

    Thanks folks! very nice people on this side of the community too!
  4. Salutations, Warships community! I myself am a Tanker, but I have a friend who is obsessed with ships. I introduced my friend to WoWS and she wants to play now (despite rejecting tanks for years). The thing is, I told her about invitation codes that give away low tier premiums and premium time, and I know WoT has them, but does WoWS have them too? If not, I think it would be a great idea to implement it, since premium low tiers are fun and I still occationally go back to my T2-light for casual fun in Tanks. Thanks, y'all. Bon Voyage~!