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  1. allen1474

    荷蘭巡洋艦 強度如何?

    8階-金-七省>>投彈量較佳 因為沒有像...魚雷投射預測參考值 所以投彈時間...預判有點難
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    最大的問題是..若開煙...沒有水聽或雷達 ...................對方...若放雷...會看不到
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    [活動] 亞服:六週年活動

  4. 升級至 Prime Gaming 帳號......試用玩要收費的?? ?
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    我把windows 自動更新--關了....所以要自己去啟動更新.....沒有特別去下載
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    我已經自行找出問題了 但我對技術單位處理方式能力 非常不滿意....也不想告訴它們是我如何解決的 不過給玩家一個提示...windows 補丁
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    wg回信了 但我還搞不清...如何處理? 以下是傳給我的內容: Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support! I deeply apologize for the delay in responding to your issue as we are currently facing a huge influx of tickets. In order to faster attend to your case, please bear with me as I will be attending to your ticket in English. You are still welcomed to communicate with me in your own language. I will try my best to solve your issue Could we ask If the issue still persists? If yes, we request to please provide this information? For us to have more insight into the issue, we will be needing the WG Check Tool Log. Below we have included a download link to our WG Check tool. This diagnostic tool can be used for World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes. WGCheck Tool: http://dl-support.wargaming.net/wot/ru/wgcheck/WGCheck_ASIA.zip Once you have downloaded it, open the zip file and run the WGCheck.exe. After it has launched, please select the World of Tanks icon and locate its directory. The default location is C:\Games\World_of_Warships * Check the box that labeled, Add game client to the firewall ashd * Check the box that labeled, Extended network diagnostics * Start the integrity check by selecting the orange Start Diagnostics button Please do not unselect anything for more accurate results Be patient, it will take some time to finish. Finally, please send us the WGCheck log that generates after the program has completed its check. Thank you. We will be waiting for your response together with the log on which we need for us to be able to isolate the root cause of your problem further. 他是不是要遠端控制我的電腦來查出原因 他是不是要下載...WGCheck Tool...然後設定...使他可以進入 可是搞不定阿
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