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  1. Chalton

    Losing credits at higher tiers

    At tier VIII its not too bad as long as you don't choke immediately but this is also where repair costs start to rise. This is the same in WoT as well where unless you do relatively well in a match (say 800+ base exp) you will lose out on credits Sadly this means you'll still need a lower tier ships to get a good earning but it does not have to be at low tier, mid tier does earn a good net profit and if you have a nice premium ship, that can be a good money earner. The New Orleans is starting to see the USN cruiser line as a support ship rather than a front-liner like the Cleveland was. If possible, support BBs and use them as cover to pot-shot targets of opportunity by remaining as the second in line and not at the front of the engagement since a lot of ships can end you with one volley. In these higher tiers I do find that many ships start to maneuver more and show their front more so its also harder to get good shots so already distracted enemies are good targets or else prepare for a duel if you choose to engage. Right now supporting ships with AA does not sound fun nor rewarding but sometimes if you start out doing a good AA defense screen some time has passed so you can also plan your next move since all ships that have gone to the front lines should be in battle with someone else and that can give you an opening you need as well. High tiers imo still need some fixes to be more balanced but the population at that tier even during peak hour is not very high so lets see how the meta sets in.
  2. Chalton

    Chase the Carrier

    When your main objective is to capture to enemy base the enemy carrier is still a problem as long as they have planes and is outside detection range. They can easily send dive bombers and torpedo bombers to reset the cap and stall out a draw even with heavy AA defense (well that depends on the tier and number of ships). Or it could be the "Kill all" mentality when you have beaten the pulp out of the enemy team, can't exactly predict your own team as well.
  3. Chalton

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    In-game either ship can beat each other cause of that delicious middle section citadel present on both ships. I got my Montana to try and get duels with Yamatos (and club the crap out of tier VIII+ ships) but was only able to SS this derpcluster from replays at the time Fun times, don't cross the bows guys.
  4. Chalton


    Its played a little differently to a normal USN cruiser -Set stuff on fire with the high ROF -Try not to be on the frontline, relegate yourself to the second line or support as your armour is pathetic. Also your Main guns are easily broken so try not to take fire very often -It grows 7 arms and punches destroyers in the gut (That high ROF can easily mince any DD that comes into your range) -Its AA is pretty decent so you can support other ships with it -At long range it has a high firing arc so try not to snipe with it unless you are used to it -Has torpedoes as well but its range at 4.5km is not that high but sometimes you can use them to kill a ship that wandered too close to you -Shooting alot of bullets at once is fun -Don't expect to win in a 1 on 1 fight with most cruisers, they will eat you first before you do.