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    It's slow, so stick with the US BB's which move at about the same pace, avoid going solo. Use you guns like the St Louis, light bonfires on the Enemy BB with HE! Use it's high firing arc to shoot at enemy ships over islands, it's quite good at doing this. This ship is OP in tier 3 Games, but tends to be overwhelmed by superior Cruisers in Tier 5. I don't play it very often, as 90% of the time I end up in Tier 5 Games, not good!
  2. Vakua_Lupo

    Good or Bad game ?

    This is a good Game, but - This Game can be a real time waster when it comes to Draws.Get rid of Draws and let the Team with the most Ships left at the end of the 'Timer' be the Winner.
  3. Try Shutting down any anti-virus software and Firewalls during the update. Sorry, but apart from a delete/reinstall of WoWS, that 's about the level of my PC expertise!