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  1. petee

    I've had enough of the Bugs & Crashes.

    Yeah doing that does nothing.
  2. petee

    I've had enough of the Bugs & Crashes.

    Added logs & more pictures.
  3. Too many, just too many bugs. UI gets garbled. Minimap and the ship hp indicator HUD goes blank. Game crashes when i click on Battle. On Hovering on the Armament type quick help doesn't show up. Skybox gets all messed up. And finally this is just too much, When in smoke everything is White!!! This is seriously effecting my games. Almost every time have to restart the game. DxDiag.txt python.log python_1.log python_2.log
  4. petee

    Which one....? And Why......?

    Nein Nein Nein Neinnn. NO Worst ship in the Game. Period.
  5. petee

    Most survivable cruiser in game ?

    Most survivable is a vaguely put term IMHO, if a player decides to go full Russian with the Moskva or the Hindenburg they're bound to sink in the blink of an eye. If you want to be that mean little cruiser that BB's will struggle to hit then definitely Moskva and the Hindenburg are the one's, But mind you Except the T9 and 10's rest all are all Glass Cannons in those lines.
  6. There was a slight for me as well when i got something for the prem shop. In my case took a few hours though.
  7. petee

    Thanks for the fix

    Never had that issue. I'm more glad that they're removing the Armor changes to BB/DD
  8. Hehe u asked for it the first time.
  9. petee

    World of Warships 1st Anniversary Part 2

    Actually there were some Gold+credit packages when i saw first. They removed them again unfortunately.
  10. petee

    World of Warships 1st Anniversary Part 2

    Hehe i waited. bon voyage
  11. petee

    See you again same time next year!

    YES Finally! http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/sse-1st-year-anniversary-p2/ EDIT : the link is down for some reason
  12. petee

    Where's my dragon flags?

    500 Flags feel so less now compared to others -_-
  13. petee

    Remove it Already

    Luckily the other BB spoke english! was enough to seal a win
  14. petee

    5.12 PT updates: RIP Yamato, Montana Even more buff

    Well i guess they do have a downward slope dont really know how much that helps. Montana with a 90D shot Yamato with a 90D shot. Imagine the angle of those slopes when you turn the ship.
  15. petee

    5.12 PT updates: RIP Yamato, Montana Even more buff

    Not really. Yamato has angled citadel armor of 350mm covering the front part. its more of a hexagonal shape. If youre bow on you take hits,if u angle the left side or the right side of the hexagon takes hit. You get the picture.