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  1. bestza55567

    Christmas Meme Contest

    Waiting for Kansas guns to reload be like :
  2. bestza55567

    Christmas Screenshot Event

  3. bestza55567

    FRENZY II - X – Shimakaze Submissions

    Player : bestza55567 IJN Shimakaze server:SEA
  4. bestza55567

    FRENZY II - IV – Isokaze Submissions

    Just try to attach
  5. bestza55567

    Sick of the constant +2 MM for tier 5

    IMO. I agree with him about the difference of MM in WoT and WoWs. But it doesn't kill the game. TBH the most enjoyable part of the game is T5-T7 So just do the MM like WoT and buff some T3/T4 stuffs would be better. I think WG didn't scratch on where it itches about increasing the population of high tier players. Instead of making T5/T6 a hard time. They should do the new gamemode that really provide an agressive gameplay also decrease some repair cost for something like CVs. They normally didn't take any damage but the repair cost of it is so painful. So WG should bring old MM back (just +-2) and focus more on the economy things. Edit : Because this MM. I normally farm credits at Tier 4
  6. bestza55567

    Sick of the constant +2 MM for tier 5

    So. Let me ask some question. In WOT T3 meets T5 and T3 tanks hardly (Or maybe unable to) fight with T5 things. Such as Pz.I C VS KV-1. But no one complained about it. but when WOWS has this MM (T3 meets T5) It has to change for comfort of low tiers?
  7. bestza55567

    Is Mogami playble in ranks?

    I have climbed to the rank 14 and every games I played I see only Atago,Kutuzov and Chapayev. So I want to know that how do I play mogami properly in ranks? And some upgrade suggestions. Thank you
  8. Thank you. Let me ask another question. Aren't there any better choices to spread the players' tier? Or decreasing T5 and T6 is a best choice to increase some mid-high tier players or do it like MMing them by looking at their battle count or something?
  9. What is a reason of killing T5 ship with this MM system? By putting a +1,-2 MM to a T5 ship and make them really really often to meet T7. And T4 ship is a really good sealclubbing tier because that MM.