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  1. pukedogg

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    Gday folks, Another Aussie here, will look you guys up, bit tired of the zero teamwork, seeing POI and unreadable Squares in chat on this server, its every man for himself in RB. Hope to see you in game. Interested in playing with a Team. How would one join online? Cheers, Pukedogg.
  2. pukedogg

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    OK , as the topic suggests, I notice more and more Carriers hiding in corners tucked hard up against terrain and the edge of the world/map. half in half out. As a carrier driver it is ridiculously hard to sink the buggers as there is one only direction to come at them.Is this a common or known glitch ? or some kind of cheat ? I cant see the benefit my self other than being hard to sink.. its really starting to p1$$ me off all the clowns exploiting any glitch to gain advantage on this server. WOT was overwhelming with the amount of players using exploits. Anyone else coming across this gameplay and what are your opinions on such gameplay. Merged with existing blue line abuse discussion thread. ~dead_man_walking Cheers,
  3. pukedogg

    Project R - Complete Assesement

    As from last night 11pm Australian time ive completed all missions with 172 pearls. So i guess im done for this week. But i will continue to to contribute when the weekly missions are again available which im assuming will be next monday. I like the idea be it on the fly or not. The missions give me something to play for at least.
  4. pukedogg

    What is it with Tenryu Captains?

    I have suffered the same fate from Tenryu captains, I have a theory that since I'm in a destroyer and Marginally faster, with a better Camo rating they just want to "GET THAT KILL" before me. At least that is my experience on the SEA. On the NA server however, teamwork is actually used in most cases. I also agree with GeneralGrant.
  5. pukedogg

    About Project R

    I agree it will take a long time to complete! Im happy with the challenge, I just don't know when the treasure unlock will be available. I have the pearls to open some I just don't know how or when they will be available. the link to open is not active.