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  1. When will the branch line implement? How the fate goes of Cleveland owner after the CL line implemented?Automatically promoted to T8?
  2. kara1087

    Premium ship captain

    I do have to recruit a captain myself after I purchased a premium?Or it will give me a free captain with certain skill point
  3. I cant even take a single shot to it in Aoba and she dodged my shells perfectly..
  4. An Atlanta in enemy team claimed he could easily destroy Taiho/Hakuryu planes easily if he activate defense AA
  5. kara1087

    Just curious

    Can south america play wargaming games?I didn't see there's south american server
  6. Our Bogue complained our team didnt provide good AA support for him so we lost,he said his friend with T10 cv always group with yamato and always perform well,but my friend with T10 ships said that bogue is a liar,because yamato is not a good ship for aa support?is it true?
  7. Some people in game says no but some threads says yes?