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  1. iLordShade

    anyone else in indo having problems with DCs?

    I'm left absolutely confused on why you continued to enter battles after a massive DC, its happened before and you got hit, it happened again and you got hit, and now its happening again and you got hit FOUR times how many times do you need to get hit before you should learn to wait if the server is having major issues? not jump straight in and lose stars, like come on man. Slap yourself a few times because losing those stars are entirely YOUR FAULT. next time stop if you get DC'ed during the battle. Its just logic man.
  2. maybe you should just gitgud and overtake that Pensacola that spammed BBs you must learn to pull a haku
  3. iLordShade

    What is your goal for this year?

    62% winrate
  4. If as a F2P player you have managed to save up an enormous amount of free exp in solid usable numbers, (aka, with papa papa flag grinding - you need around 700ish battles to get her - at 1100 free exp per battle) you can just buy a Missouri and cheat the credit missions. allowing each mission to be done on average, in 4 or so battles each. (including the final task which is play a battle in graf spee) Unfortunately since you are short on time, this is a lofty ambition at best, but one that everybody should at least attempt if you have papa papa flags in excess. Seeing as how you probably can't achieve this, its likely that up to 5-6+hrs a day would have to be dedicated doing averagely to clear the entire chain in 10days. I advise to try and find a division and seeing if you can score a few winstreaks or something. You'd still have to avoid the "earn 500k credits in a single battle" missions because those would be extremely hard to get.
  5. splurged for my Nikolai. about 10 admirals, 20 captain boxes in 1 week, then in my next paycheck spent $120ish and got her then. The only rule these boxes follow is the fact that if you buy them in batches of 10, and you roll say 3 nikolais, you'll get three nikolais (1 actual ship, 2 credit into doubloons), as the contents of the box are decided when they are put in your port. NOT when you open them like Leng says. In my opinion if you are hunting for ships, the safest amount of boxes to buy is sets of 8. But its all luck of the draw and you could just roll 7 nikolais or something lol.
  6. iLordShade

    What's your go-to ship?

    Ognevoi because I've won 7 out of 8 games in it and all 7 of those wins have been 9000 exp or more with camo and other bonuses
  7. iLordShade

    NERF the Belfast

    Belfast is OP. If you didn't buy it while its out its very likely never coming back ever again.
  8. iLordShade

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    make a video of you selling an Imperator Nikolai and you will become famous instantly.. mostly for all the wrong reasons and for people screaming at you because you sold a ship that would easily sell for $150 in a celebratory christmas pack
  9. iLordShade

    Bye Ranked

    But the thing is the longer you wait, the more "crappy" players get stuck in certain brackets unable to progress. 23-15 is full of them, 15-10 has at least 4 of them each game and 10-6 is starting to feel the onslaught of just stupid players who don't talk or try and communicate. 5-1 is probably still fine. But the longer you wait the more you'll have to contend with these idiots where winning is purely a roll of the dice (because its all up to random chance if these players kill somebody of any importance on the enemy team)
  10. iLordShade

    RB, what to do when having a lose streak

    I was at rank 12 so I didn't really care but lol this is what happened after I took a 2hr break
  11. aggressively going after planes seems to generate a ton of base experience now. But Since carriers are not always present in games, capping when the opportunity arises is the next best thing.
  12. damage doesn't generate as much exp anymore, shooting down planes, causing incapications and doing generally anything but damage awards alot more. here is good example http://imgur.com/a/oVx9W
  13. broadside mogamis, ARP Takaos from players who are clearly asleep (from grinding 111k exp in 3days) and Tashkents are my biggest hates that make me stop ranked and wait a bit.
  14. iLordShade


    upvote for 2199 reference
  15. iLordShade

    AP vs Tripitz?

    this is tirpitz only "weakspot" for citadels at close range. The armor around her turret barbette is poor and lucky ricochets can become citadels.