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  1. Hikarikung

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    is the power of KC anime
  2. Hikarikung

    Torpedo Bombers and Torpedo Activation Times

    another blame CV topic =_=" p why you not to play some of cv game and you will know not every one use top bomber to lanuch perfect broadside i think all the time is a skill player not everyone play like a pro. yeah you want to nerf but, you don't know how CV player feel to play it ??? go play some cv and tell me how you feel it ???
  3. Hikarikung

    KTKM-sama by ichase

    TKTM ??
  4. Hikarikung

    rules/balance issues that should be implemented .

    so it's a noob comment in here
  5. That was. The. Skill player. Upgrade plane. If you r noob do not. Kil. In one shot
  6. It is a skill player do. Not. Blame cv.
  7. Hikarikung

    AniManga Chat :E

    I think you should go to anime board for easy talk
  8. Hikarikung

    ้how to

    Hey. รออีเมล์ตอบกลับรอบที่2ครับ thank you
  9. Hikarikung

    fail to connect to server CBT

    * EDIT* on now i contract LiquidSnake and he help me it it take a time