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  1. Sammuell

    Revolutionary CV idea

    These are all good ideas but I don't think we will be seeing the changes come. Also, people are losing interest in this game. The number of people online is hardly over 10,000.
  2. Sammuell

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    Some of the premium ships like Belfast, Kutuzov and Saipan are OP, which actually stops me from playing this game. I use to spend 1 -2 hours per day to play and spend actual money on this game (I own mikasa, which I actually paid for it, Yubari, Atago and Schanhorst). The premium ships really annoys the crap out of me, especially the one with smoke and radar, where they can fire at me but i can do nothing to fight back. In many games, I just burn to death and couldn't fight back because they hide behind an island inside their smoke for the whole game. Same situation in my Ranger. I feel sorry to my team when I see a Saipan. I can still win in my Hiryu, but no chance in my Ranger. Some Premium ships only bring frustration to the gaming experience. Now I cut down the gaming hour to 4 hours per week becuase I want to have fun, not frustration. How would WG make money if they loss the players who don't pay? If they are not paying, what's the point of keep on spending money on OP premium ships when they have no one to kill. Look at the ranked battle season three and six, you can tell which team will win by how many Sims/Błyskawica or Belfast in their team. I don't think this game will last if people who pay will win most of the time but people who don't pay can only suffer from loses. WoWs will only be the next WoWPs.
  3. Sammuell

    Seal Clubers... whats your take on it?

    It's fine, if we don't seal club, the game is dead. How are we gonna afford to repair our T10 ships if we don't beat the silver out of them.
  4. Sammuell

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    I cant login to the game. It just keeping me out of it.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_18_inch_Mk_I_naval_gun there can be one
  6. Sammuell

    season 6 = game of smoke and camp

    Pepsi has accuracy, scharnhorst don't
  7. Sammuell


  8. Sammuell

    how did WG make such a mess of cruisers

    Angling helps on Yorck. one enemy BB and one enemy CA could not take me down until I made a mistake of turning into torp launching position or simply getting to close.
  9. Sammuell

    New skill tree makes me shiver

    it has been ridiculous . My lolorado wiped out an Independence's one TB squad and 1.5 DB squad....
  10. Sammuell


    I am mad bro, especially I deal something like 10k damage and 3 kills in a T6 battle and my team still lose because my teammates has critical brain dead issues.
  11. Sammuell

    [content removed]

    mean while, I guess USN and IJN CAs should get some sort of upgrade to deal with the new CA lines.
  12. In general, I guess Graf Spee is better since she is a cruiser. Although she does the same job as Scharnhorst, she is a crusier and doesn't take up BB place in team formation. Also, she can punch BBs hard with her 11" guns with AP(Yes, AP)
  13. Sammuell

    Akizuki need to drop stats.

    It is kind of OP. My fleet was sunk by a 20k hp akitsuki in a random battle. that little crap stealth fired for the whole game and my Myoko could not catch up to sink it... finally I saw her, but I only have 5k hp left, when she still have full health.
  14. Sammuell

    Radar and Hydro Mini-Map Range

    +1 may be a dimer circle when it is not activated, then it became a bright circle on the minimap
  15. Sammuell

    Secondaries and AA

    Fun fact #4, the dispersion of secondary is >1,000m Fun fact #5, same gun has different range on BB and DD.