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  1. FishyPower

    Monaghan vs Sims as a Trainer

    Other than the slow torps, the Sims is a wonder. Fast speed for caps, American smoke and guns. For the torps, just narrow spread and hope anyways Rely on your ROF and manoeuvrability. You can even RDF to charge smoke when enemy DD smokes up. Other than that, if you will be taking significant damage for an engagement, then hold off and consider if staying alive to control cap is a better option
  2. FishyPower

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    At some point, I promised to git gud in my Prinz Eugen
  3. FishyPower

    Do you have Prinz Eugen - Do you like her?

    Best ship. For Waifu reasons. Strong after heal buff. Just fire AP and skills
  4. FishyPower

    what happened to WOWs?

    I'll probably come back when subs come back :v Just to try out and be disappointed. It's been so long since I've had fun with my waifu I should get rich and pay Rockstar to add the Prinz Eugen to GTA Online
  5. FishyPower

    Defensive destroyers?

    I suggest insane torp damage defense so you can eat the torp for the BBs instead without dying. 1 torp eaten = 1 like
  6. FishyPower

    So fishy , WG is that you ?

    And here I thought I did something wrong.
  7. FishyPower

    Azur Lane Collaboration

    And organ or 2 might cover the cost
  8. FishyPower

    Azur Lane collab?

    So they announced an Azur Lane collab a while back, but so far I've seen nothing more about it?
  9. FishyPower

    What premboat to buy

    I find the prems in game pretty meh. I got the Graf Spee and that's quite some fun on it's own, though it's kinda meh for the average player. And even then, there is the HSF Graf Spee which is like Graf Spee but HSF...
  10. Haven't touched the game in a month, but I am going to get that package anyways. How much time do I have becore it gets pulled? 1 month?
  11. FishyPower

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    From my experience, stat bashing only happens when the target asks for it. He either starts the stat bashing, or refuses to listen to logic and hard evidence while insisting that it isn't his fault. Been on the receiving side before, so in all honesty, I think the stat bashing here is fine?
  12. FishyPower

    Overabundance of Radar ships ruining games

    source? i'd save up for musashi, but seems like i need to get the missouri first now
  13. FishyPower

    Prime Real estate, sea views...

    Can you travel through space though
  14. FishyPower

    why, karma, why

  15. FishyPower

    overpowered DDs

    Remember the good old pre-nerf Minekaze? Or the current Kamikaze. It doesn't feel as awesome as the past but it is still a very OP ship even now