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  1. As an SG player in an Aussie WOT clan, the timezones given simply won't work for them. I heard WOT is getting an Aussie/NZ server, so maybe WOWS is planning something similar, though I think they'll still have a problem with the server size.
  2. T7 is known as the best tier cause you get frequent top tier matches. iirc
  3. Ah hah, but you see, with SE, you are able to eat more shells, so more survival. Is very important skill. *furiously nods head*
  4. The idea here is that "Since you're gonna get ****ed, why not get ****ed at higher tier for more exp"
  5. Tbh, MM isn't the real problem. If you are scared of winning and losing, wait until the server population is 1k+ and you can easily get 3 on 3, at the point, easy wins.
  6. To this, I shall refer you to this. If bottom tier, quality play rewards you better. It'll be harder, but you get more rewards. Now, no matter what happens, you can contribute, and you should do it right. Simple as that.
  7. *Insert family friendly stab eyes meme*
  8. Scariest? Triple SE, Range Mod + Premium Spotter Plane Yamato No joke, actually had that, cept one had a normie spotter plane
  9. yeah, Yamato got powercreeped
  10. Hmmm... I really depends. If you get focused by 5 players, then no. 3 is a tough one, but doable with coordination.
  11. My. Waifu.
  12. I'll agree with you on this. If the DD attempts stuff, it isn't too hard. But the average DD player don't.
  13. The barely actually used in battle reputation, hence SE, range mod + premium spotter aircraft
  14. Define low tier. A good game on my GK nets me about 200k base profit, assuming I don't count my prem comsumerables.
  15. Also, (Historically Accurate) the Conqueror should also be able to submerge as a submarine