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  1. Haven't touched the game in a month, but I am going to get that package anyways. How much time do I have becore it gets pulled? 1 month?
  2. From my experience, stat bashing only happens when the target asks for it. He either starts the stat bashing, or refuses to listen to logic and hard evidence while insisting that it isn't his fault. Been on the receiving side before, so in all honesty, I think the stat bashing here is fine?
  3. source? i'd save up for musashi, but seems like i need to get the missouri first now
  4. Prime Real estate, sea views...

    Can you travel through space though
  5. overpowered DDs

    Remember the good old pre-nerf Minekaze? Or the current Kamikaze. It doesn't feel as awesome as the past but it is still a very OP ship even now
  6. Is this a case of "Sharkbait every day till you like it"
  7. The Atlanta is OP

    I took DE for me, cause my Atlanta uses my USN DD captain, which I use DOT as the main source of damage. But yeah, IFHE is a very powerful skill for the Atlanta
  8. *In Sharkbait's voice* We should remove everything except for RDF CVs
  9. Detonation is a way to separate the extremely bad players. DD sits horizontal in smoke. Enemy flush smoke with torps. DD eats torps then get detonated. "Biased WG" he says
  10. To spend or not?

    Save your doubloons. Port Slots aren't worth it
  11. Can we ban this kind of squad?

    T7 Saipan vs T8 Graf Zepplin
  12. World of Warships Blitz

    Sounds damn familiar :/