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  1. I took DE for me, cause my Atlanta uses my USN DD captain, which I use DOT as the main source of damage. But yeah, IFHE is a very powerful skill for the Atlanta
  2. *In Sharkbait's voice* We should remove everything except for RDF CVs
  3. Detonation is a way to separate the extremely bad players. DD sits horizontal in smoke. Enemy flush smoke with torps. DD eats torps then get detonated. "Biased WG" he says
  4. what if 6/8/8
  5. Save your doubloons. Port Slots aren't worth it
  6. T7 Saipan vs T8 Graf Zepplin
  7. Sounds damn familiar :/
  8. :/ I think anyone who bought this could escape the backlash. If you're dedicated enough to have enough experience to play these ships, the offer likely wouldn't be useful for you given you'd likely have gotten the good ships already. If you're a starting player who bought this pack, you'll receive the "Get more experience" cluster**** from the forums/
  9. yeah, but timing torpedo is really the best way to go
  10. Smoke up, set fire then torpedo
  11. Sims torpedo beat is fun
  12. Is that a DDLC reference? Oh wait, it's not...
  13. I believe the flags should return. WG needs to just apologize for the comment which is what the CN players are pissed off with. Taiwan is divided in this issue, where half the nation wants independence while the other half believes that ROC is the rightful government of China. So essentially, in fear of losing half of the Taiwanese players, WG is deciding on a move that neither satisfies the CN players and pisses off nearly the rest of the players. (Speaking as a Taiwanese player here)
  14. AL is the one you wanna smash, KC is the one you wanna protect