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  1. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Thanks for the recommendation all. I've decided for the moment to just pump a months worth of premium into the account and try to level my T-7 DD to a T-8 asap. I want to see how the T-8 performs over the T-7 and if i still feel like i need that premium ship then i might buy the Loyang as that hydro just seems to good to pass up. The low torp damage is a bit of a bummer but the trade off seems it might be worth it. Thanks again for the suggestions! i'll have to keep them in mind if im feeling lose with my money again in the future
  2. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Another suggestion being thrown to me a lot (I have the same question on another forum) is to just skip out buying the T-8 premium DD and instead use that money for a premium account. I'm currently at T-7 DD (Akatsuki) so the next upgrade will be T-8 DD (Kagero) and for roughly the same amount of money I could buy half a years worth of premium (though realistically i'd probably buy 3 months at best).
  3. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Oh man tough choice. The Kidd actually has fairly comparable stats to the Loyang. I like the increased torp damage but that reload time.... Ship as a whole seem's a bit more susceptible to air spotting with a noticeable hit in rudder shift speed too. Will have to ponder on it, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Hi All Been getting back into the game recently and was thinking of dropping some cash on a premium ship finally. Been enjoying my destroyers to no end so i'm thinking of grabbing a premium one of those. But having been out of the loop for a while I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on which one will be a sound purchase? I've heard a lot of good things about the Loyang due to it's hydro but thought i'd check in again since that thread was from 2017. Thanks in advance all! (and sorry if this is a question asked hundreds of times before, I don't dwell on the forums and couldn't see a similar thread in the more recent posts)