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  1. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    price of Amagi permanent camo isn't same as in the website,, 3k doubloon in-game vs 1k on patch note
  2. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi


    let Ivan drink the vodka and he will split your doubloon in half using his own fist
  3. there's a reason why you only use SSD for your OS and use standard HDD to store your game
  4. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    UI Bug

    i try that and the chance for this bug is lower
  5. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    UI Bug

    Issue: UI suddenly disappear then appearing again Screenshots: Ship: Kamikaze RMap: New DawnOccurrences: Rarely happenTested: happen several times when i'm accidently press ctrl buttonSeverity: Big impact, i don't even know if weapon is finished their reload or my consumable finished their delayDetails: UI suddenly disappear after i accidently pressing ctrl button, it blipping like crazy, and when i sunk my game crashed
  6. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Fuso: easy to citadel higher tier BB?

    hope it's not just me that think Fusou is one of the decent ship,, well,, about trying to deal citadel damage on german BB,, i prefer to do raw damage instead because her turtleback armor,, as for Nagato,, it's just matter of luck,, i prefer to aim at waterline,, hoping that RNG will give me citadel damage,, if not,, i just go for raw damage
  7. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    tried the "play your own music feature" and how to improve it

    well,, if WG prefer to put thing on usermusic folder,, hope WG implement the sub-folder system,, like music folder for port,, then for battle,, and then for result screen,, etc etc,, and 2nd,, i choose music with decent Bit rate (320kbps) and yet it sounded like low quality music file in-game (not loud enough),, so please,, do something about that
  8. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Where's the Warship?

    a random shot from underwate? SURCOUF-CLASS SUBMARINE CONFIRMED!!
  9. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Tomorrow they cometh

    lol,, reason why it's better to sealclubbing on weekend than wasting my cred on hi-tier,, not even bothered to look at my Nagato unless my friend forced me to use her
  10. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Battleships............why bother

    how about learn some WASD Hack? seriously,, i've been playing BB for a year now,, especially Japan one when people keep shouting "IJN Nerfed Again What a BS",, well i'm not gonna talk about that,, yes indeed,, BB is one heck of momma's butt,, getting burned and sometimes having a hard time with torpedo,, i can't argue either when CA turn like no. 1 drift racer or fire faster,, but still,, remember why they made those huge gun for,, and range advantage as well,, seriously,, hope you just joking when making this thread
  11. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Fatal Flaw in New German BBs

    lol,, i got 5.4k free exp and 4.4k exp in my Kolberg,, want to get Hipper but,, nahh,, ditch her and wait for German and RN BB
  12. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    5.8 Preview

    i don't think they gonna add ship from manga,, there's ton of em tho,, well,, RIP Lexi-chan then...
  13. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Friendly fire

    well,, it's a bother especially if you in ship like Nagato,, with 2 stories of sec gun,, and most of 'em manned by Stormtrooper,, there a time when i saw friendly Benson with blown up engine next to me after i CQC a Fusou,, glad that happen almost a year ago on CBT
  14. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    submarine confirmed

    now we need to merge that ship with whatever Admiralty Code allowed to make one single OP ship
  15. Admiral_Sonoda_Umi

    Server Migration when?

    well,, i have trust issue with meta player in this server,, so i want to migrate to NA (that if Trump didn't kick me back to ASIA),, i rather move to NA than getting my bum torped from behind because those camper that said they want to push but actually they just pushing their own shell than their own hull