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  1. Oh gosh. That's must be why. Do they automatically engage the fighter? My fighters were stuck there for about 2 minutes while my torpedo squadron got wiped out.
  2. Another problem. This time my fighters won't even listen to me! Why are they engaging the enemy recon plane, when I asked them to target the enemy fighters that just took down my whole torpedo squadron?! They engaged an enemy recon plane for like 2 minutes without killing it while the enemy fighters killed my whole torpedo squadron. Now the enemy fighters are picking them off while they are doing nothing. Here is a screenshot: You can clearly see that I didn't ask them to attack the enemy recon plane. The "attack" icon is over the fighters, but they chose to defy my orders and engage the recon plane while the enemy fighters picked them off! Is this treason, or some mysterious game mechanic I don't know about? What's going on? Everything feels so un-intuitive, or maybe I'm just a noob.
  3. I had a suspicion of this, which is why I tried to fly over the tightly packed friendlies before engaging. The torpedo bombers on the Langley are quite great, hardly any BBs can out-maneuver them. I don't think the enemy had 7 planes though, he had one plane down, and I counted 5 planes still alive. Thanks for your replies. His commander must have had more skills, but isn't this just unfair on beginner Langleys? His fighters didn't even seem to care about the 5 friendlies swarming below (it was just 1 minute into the game), or he must have been too experienced. I was slowly following the group, but I headed to towards some cover behind some islands. With my fighters down, there was nothing I could do to defend myself against his torp and dive bombers.
  4. I know, it was a joke xD. But it blew my mind how I only took down one of his fighters, while he managed to take down my whole squadron. We both had the same carrier and my planes were maxed out in upgrades.
  5. This keeps happening, and it's driving me nuts. I was in a fully upgraded Langley, when an enemy Langley fighter squadron decided to engage my fighters less than minute into the battle. Since my fighters are fully upgraded, it should be an even match right (both squadrons are from the same ship)? No. In just 40 seconds, my whole fighter squad had vaporized, and I only managed to take down one of his fighters. Now his remaining 5 fighters are going for my two other helpless squads. And even though they were above 5 or so tightly packed friendlies, none of them were shot down by any anti-air. Now that I'm defenseless, the enemy's torpedo squad finishes me off in one salvo of torpedoes (I have fully upgraded anti-air gunners in crews). The on board AI anti-air did not shoot down any planes, and Langley + 6 Torpedoes = dead. Like how is this even possible??? If two fighter squadrons from 2 Langleys and with similar upgrades (mine was fully upgraded) engages each other at the same time, you would expect all fighters to all die at the same time, or maybe 1-2 to survive on one side. How is it possible that one Langley squadron gets taken down completely, while the other Langley fighter squadron only loses 1 plane? (And there's 6 planes per squadron!). This is totally unfair. Is someone bribing the RNG?
  6. WeavingBird1917

    Absolute Rage- Torpedo sighting distance

    Part of the reason I am not running is that I can easily dodge a torpedo if it is detected before 1-2 km. And if it's one destroyer, it is fairly easy to take them down (except the torpedo detection problem). And assuming that they are 3-5km out, the torpedoes should be detected way before the 1-2 km mark right? That is the main problem. Apparently the destroyers are 3-5km out, but the torpedoes are only detected around 200-500 metres, which doesn't give me enough time to react. Umm can't blame me for a catchy title... Thanks guys for replying
  7. Hi, I just started my Japan line. The second ship has a good maneuverability which allows me to do some close combat. However, when up against destroyers around 3-5km, I ALWAYS die. The reason is, for whatever reason, the torpedo is only sighted when it gets to a point where it is like 200-500 metres from the ship. At this point it is inescapable. It's so annoying! I can easily escape torpedoes that are about 1-2 km but not when I am only 5 seconds from impact. Is it meant to be that way or is it a bug? How can this be combated?