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  1. Lightning_Ene

    Insert moments when you tried your best but don't succeed here

    cuz ene loves to post on irrelevant/ded threads
  2. Lightning_Ene

    the CV conspiracy theory, LETS PLAY CV!!!

    This actually blew my mind! Thanks to this, I lost most of my braincells! I don't know how I lived my life without this thread! This thread actually made my life a whole lot better and now I don't know what will I ever do without it~~ Truly a masterpiece~ I would surely recommend this thread to my friends~! (´・ω・`)
  3. Lightning_Ene

    So easy to get the pink

    ( ^ : "henlo i com here cuz I irresponsibly swing and fire my weapuns around in muh previous gaemus. I complein cuz I reached pink threshold for team dmg and I ask for proof that I deserve dis huehuehue" : ^ ) (´・ω・`)
  4. Lightning_Ene

    Why are Asian servers full of non communicative players?

    Then everything changed when the fishing divs attacked...
  5. Lightning_Ene

    ranked? nah

    Detonate drakon
  6. Lightning_Ene

    my badluck are insane

    Your team should commend you for scuttling to lessen handicap :^)
  7. Lightning_Ene

    Turned into a game of chance

    have you ever reflected on your own skill first before calling the game a big pile of RNG chance : ^ )
  8. Lightning_Ene

    salty aussies

    >racist suprmacist >detonation Choose
  9. Lightning_Ene

    Best Nation to start for a new player?

    Play IJN DDs They are balans :^)
  10. Lightning_Ene

    Melon senpoi as the mascot of warsheeps Asia :3

    OMG onii-san yasssssssss! Ene so proud of you~♡