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  1. MaoriGoat

    Torpedo range of Destroyers

    *Cough* Hold ctrl while in battle and put your mouse icon on the Torpedo option and hold it there for for enough time for you to read it....
  2. MaoriGoat

    Have seen it all now.......

    No. No. No. You see young man I myself have a skippers ticket and spend plenty of time on the water. Its Either Captian for a small Boat or Helmsman for a large Boat... Never say "Driver" It really does tic us off.
  3. MaoriGoat

    How To Get Rid Of Pink Name

    Kid's/Teens have a quicker response but then again Everyone plays differently and the vast majority players of adults i will say ranges from 75% to 90% so i dare say half the server have about 50% win rate and that?... about half a quater above 55% and the rest below the 50% so you can't always blame Kids...
  4. MaoriGoat

    A couple of ideas

    I strongly disagree with this one... but i do happen to agree with the Rest, I guess if you mention this one you yourself must play BB's alot? yes? and no doubt get killed by Cruisers often... BB's are very good damage dealers using HE sorry i mean AP, If you are suggesting that... I'm guessing your Aim and Calculation is for speed and distance is very off.... Try play cruisers for abit, and then please do feel free to post your opinion again, you will see if you can get a good salvo on a cruiser you will no doubt sink them as Damage is good on BB though sadly with a long reload time... So just give it a try eh
  5. MaoriGoat

    Submarines may be coming

    I still have no idea what people mean when they say Abusing the blue lines blah blah.... But i wouldn't mind a few U-Boats in gameplay
  6. MaoriGoat

    How To Get Rid Of Pink Name

    Kind of thought this Thread would have been closed by now as it says "How to get rid of pink name" and it was clearly answered
  7. MaoriGoat

    What ship do you perfer?

    I could not agree more with you... I often see most of my teams BB's camping at the back of the game with a 12KM firing range not even over Half of the map... (Depending what one) sometimes a quartor where your team needs them up there to do the Devistating Strikes and to Take in all the shells they are firing at their team...
  8. MaoriGoat

    Tell me about your epic moments in the game.

    That time when i got my Kongo on CBT And started Team Killing... Didn't get banned because Goats are over powered /o/
  9. MaoriGoat

    What ship do you perfer?

    I haven't tried CV Yet and not too sure if i should even both considering when i get my new pc.... Though i myself hate them... like i hate artys in WoT... but i like drinving them So maybe i might like piloting CV's depending on how you control them and skills requiried
  10. MaoriGoat

    Whoever designed the carrier balance can [content removed]

    *Cough x2* I kind of find the "Can go die" Bit offensive in my opinion -_-
  11. MaoriGoat

    Whoever designed the carrier balance can [content removed]

    I dont think this topic will become too nasty... so i won't bother following it.... However Silent why dont you get your **** together. This is still OBT and has still got work to be done so quit your whinning or go else where
  12. MaoriGoat

    What ship do you perfer?

    Yes... I've thrown it many times in rage but only now it decides to give a damn and break itself -.-
  13. MaoriGoat

    What ship do you perfer?

    BB is really good for soaking up damage and dealing damage... But i never did figure i should use AP shell until the day i broke my laptop -_- Well i did know in CB but i got fed up with shit from the new players abusing lines and that i quit for a few months then came back and figured the hard way till a team mate told me i need to fire AP and not HE.... with the Uhhhh... lets call it Health regain thingie mc bob it is also very good in my opinion for close range even to get their ships to attack you instead of your team mates whom can attack from a distance and cause some real chaos
  14. MaoriGoat

    How To Get Rid Of Pink Name

    Sinking a pink name will not do you any harm... But it is not recommended unless they start to team damage
  15. WG will often do something about it... Some times not.... I dont usually Report anything unless its well.... Involves the Hash word.... But i guess they might give them a warning or something but then again it can depend on how many times the person has abused people.... I've had to keep on reporting a guy for calling me the N word everytime after he finished his CB will it was a permament one... but you will still get these people no matter what... best thing to do it Screenshot it and send it to a Moderator instead for faster action against the person whom have done the wrong doing