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  1. Faux_Havoc

    Public Test of Update 0.9.10: Round 2

    Where is the link to report PT bugs ? the AP/HE weapon group keys are missing for hotkey set ups
  2. Faux_Havoc

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    TAKEAF1VE Does NOT work
  3. Faux_Havoc

    Where to report bot accounts?

    Sick of the constant BOT programs out of the Asian player base. Premium Tier VIII BBs with 4000 plus games and hundreds of kills with secondaries and almost no main gun kills. Wargaming does NOTHING ! 🤬 $%*#@! this game.
  4. Faux_Havoc

    Update April Fools' Day

    During this time of LOCKDOWN because of an EPIDEMIC WoWS makes another Event that makes participation A CHORE or excludes a majority of the player base $%*#@! YOU WG !
  5. Faux_Havoc

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    Your event makes no $%*#@! sense at all. 😡 Why the complicated event information ?
  6. Faux_Havoc

    BOT Program

    [BR]hiszorro is a bot program -doesn't fire guns in direction of enemy - gets stuck against islands until other bots destroy it
  7. I would like to know, Can my NA account can be absorbed into my SEA account ?
  8. Faux_Havoc

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    The loot box greed is killing my desire to support this game http://shipcomrade.com/?p=3617 Odds of seeing Amalfi per crate: 1.7% (2 out of 118) Odds of seeing Zara per crate: 4.9% (4 out of 82) Odds of seeing Trento per crate: 8.7% (6 out of 69) Odds of seeing Montecocculi per crate: 10% (7 out of 70)
  9. Faux_Havoc

    Is server down

    There once was a sever population number on the main Web page. I miss the old days of Warships
  10. Faux_Havoc

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    Naval Aviation Containers No thank You I would need to be guaranteed 2x CVs to even contemplate buying the 20x Naval Aviation Containers 😬 NZ$120 is BS The gambling is beyond the joke now WG
  11. Faux_Havoc


    stable servers would be nice
  12. Faux_Havoc

    Armada: Azuma

    Not even for 650,000 free xp thanks 🤢
  13. Faux_Havoc

    Operations MM

    limit Operations to Tier VI only The mode is difficult enough without teams stacked with tier V DD's etc failing in the first 6 mins
  14. Faux_Havoc

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Feedback

    Tried playing yesterday but game crash/freeze on second game. Could never get back in without being taken to the same freezing game. Hope today is more stable