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  1. Faux_Havoc

    Is server down

    There once was a sever population number on the main Web page. I miss the old days of Warships
  2. Faux_Havoc

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    Naval Aviation Containers No thank You I would need to be guaranteed 2x CVs to even contemplate buying the 20x Naval Aviation Containers 😬 NZ$120 is BS The gambling is beyond the joke now WG
  3. Faux_Havoc


    stable servers would be nice
  4. Faux_Havoc

    Armada: Azuma

    Not even for 650,000 free xp thanks 🤢
  5. Faux_Havoc

    Operations MM

    limit Operations to Tier VI only The mode is difficult enough without teams stacked with tier V DD's etc failing in the first 6 mins
  6. Faux_Havoc

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Feedback

    Tried playing yesterday but game crash/freeze on second game. Could never get back in without being taken to the same freezing game. Hope today is more stable
  7. Faux_Havoc

    Ping increase after 0.5.16?

    Since the new patch, my png from the game (all other games are great) is up ~120 now and the fps is dropping like made in random battles (especially when multiple drops of smoke is out). is there a base setting for graphics i can work back from ? there is no reset i can see in the options :/
  8. Faux_Havoc

    Belfast Smoke onto U Key

    Two weeks practice playing Belfast and still i haven't been able to switch from Leander or Fiji to Belfast without radar/smoke problem fun laughing at myself
  9. Faux_Havoc

    Belfast Smoke onto U Key

    Would it be possible to have the Belfast consumables in the same order for the smoke and Radar as the Emerald and Leander? so; R = Damage Control T = Radar (maybe, since no repair party) Y = Hydro (same as British tree) U = Smoke (same as British tree) After a battles in Emerald or Leander I get detected in the Belfast, need smoke, pop Radar, am sitting in open wondering why i'm getting shot at (1/2 health now gone)
  10. Faux_Havoc

    HMNZS Leander camo

    As a New Zealander, I would like to have the opportunity to buy on the ASIA server a permanent camo (Type 9) for the Leander with the WWII HMNZS LEANDER camo pattern and ensign . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMNZS_Leander I don't need the whole ship introduced in the Commonwealth line (the Achilles could go there).