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  1. How to avoid trolls?

    Last time i took a bunch of screenshots of griefers and send tickets after on the second match as they acted and they were the same guys in div as the previous match. WG responded by saying action has been taken. I wasn't on the receiving end luckily but the first match made me confused as who was the griefers as they were chatting as if the other innocent guy was the offender since i was busy looking at the enemy.
  2. New Ship Trainning

    u can always recruit a new one
  3. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    ijn ca has huge citadel. angling doesnt work. the armor gets pen by everything except dd. turret rotation is bad. playing behind islands disadvatageous due to flat gun trajectory. idk maybe it got powercrept as i did had more fun using them last time
  4. When smoke meta was prevalent BB's hiding in smoke blapping was the biggest annoyance. i think radar was introduced afterwards? then caliber nerf in smoke which made smoking for team less effective and less people are doing it for the team. Addon with torp and blind fire smoke isn't even that great as a defensive consumable let alone offensive. Not sure whether it was less campy last time when that was the meta. At least there is risk and reward doing it.
  5. never managed to get my mogami to work. its just too bad at taking damage although angled
  6. tbh any radar beyond 15s is just op
  7. EU server stats, in graphics.

    the steamrolling tilt is just too bad recently. aside from the occasional bots which which are smart enough to witheld stats viewing.
  8. torp angles are okay. bait,kite,torp
  9. It is situational, but with the right time and place, watch those 3s 100mm guns melt things quickly. Although the ruddershift is better the torpbelt isn't great in comparison with amagi. Try not eat torps.
  10. I whizzed through to rank 10 in a Kii mostly, its fun to surprise enemies with those akizuki guns and torps in my case.
  11. The new EULA for ASIA

    Pretty normal for the ppl to complain tbh and the usual difference it is the level of political correctness involved in it. The thing about political correctness is honesty or lack there of which imo is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Unless cursing is someone habitual, it shows an extreme displeasure due to the failure in political correctness maneuvers. There was a saying that those who curse have more honest tendencies or something around those lines. I highly doubt EULA's Section 9 "Fansite" is could stand up in court though if it comes to it.
  12. I don't have hood but i did saw the discounted price available for me was twice(even with 30% off) in last week then it is today. That was insane. Too bad i did not have a screen of it at the time.