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  1. Lowyat

    Ranked Battle MM

    Try to get 2 kills. it usually helps to drag the team to win. look at your opponents result. At least one of them have 2 kills minimum each game and this is consistent based on the result.
  2. Lowyat

    The death of ranked battles

    Too many hybrids with effective armament, its ridiculous.
  3. Lowyat

    Update 12.2 on Thursday

    Straight up nerf. Its garbage. Imagine a gneisenau meeting up with Musashi. Yeah..No.
  4. it's probably not going to spot, just like DCAS, Which the closed testing concept seemed good based on the video.
  5. Lowyat

    Submarine Pings

    the white bubble should last at least last 15 seconds or mark it in the map unlike now.
  6. waits for incoming hot fix that will screw up something else
  7. Lowyat

    Research Points bonus rolls over tomorrow

    WG: pumps out new ships to ensure he has infinite unlock-able.
  8. Lowyat

    So sick of cheats

    ChatGPT will replace us all soon.
  9. Coal is time-gated. FXP is not
  10. Lowyat

    More thoughts on T5 ranked

    Not really. get a BB start deleting cruisers and one-shotting dd, you already have an advantage.
  11. Lowyat

    How do I effectively counter submarines?

    you need to guess or see where the sub is moving from the ping. left right or towards/away from you. an immobile sub is a dead one, just like every other class.
  12. Lowyat

    Rework operations, simple solution

    Player skill issue. no more no less.
  13. Lowyat

    Too many AFK and bots

    its been terrible with too many afks