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  1. definitely. a sub knife fight as last ship is entertaining to watch
  2. Lowyat

    IJN CL tech tree?

    this is gonna be glorious overkill. unique dockyard event. ka-ching.
  3. Lowyat

    Super Drops

    That deto flag will prove useful in the era where you no longer get deto flags from detonation achievements
  4. Especially when CV is around
  5. Lowyat

    Ok, Subs are garbage

    This. a dd can outrun most ships at the endgame. subs have half bb speed underwater, full bb speed surfaced, less than 3 mins of air at the endgame at best.
  6. Lowyat

    Ok, Subs are garbage

    iirc it does.
  7. Lowyat

    Subs Suck

    if the sub pings you, drop double aistrikes on the ping direction till max range(14km ish i think). ez kills in a fuso.
  8. Lowyat

    Some days are diamonds.......

    you need help from a professional
  9. Lowyat

    Kansas LOGH Camo

    You need dusty attemborough on that Triglav. *Spits at frederick nash*
  10. not really a bad investment honestly
  11. Lowyat


    eye candy-sales metrics fixing-cost center
  12. why are you even in a kansas? it has low carry potential.
  13. i would consider soft voice over as an annoying bug