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  1. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    actually there is a mechanism that disconnects u when u played too much for the day. it triggers after battle ends.
  2. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    pretty much why gameplay experience is so bad so quickly nowadays
  3. How to get better in randoms

    a dd or ca has better chance of carrying. BB's rarely carry as they *have* to stay back because focus fire is too prevalent and there is no benefit going forward
  4. they had the bleeping clock last time. that was friendly, i guess
  5. Public Test:Reward 4

    Thanks. Finally got it. I wonder why the filters weren't default on.
  6. Public Test:Reward 4

    yeah i bought arctic for edinburgh and have it in inventory. not seeing it in exterior camouflage to be used though
  7. Public Test:Reward 4

    Anyone else bought the "from the bottom of the ocean" or "arctic" using PT Arsenal copper and not get the camo?
  8. Wows in one sentence contest

    Ranked is randoms with less people
  9. screw you WG

    i do feel holding of shots while have better results.
  10. i had 60% wins on her while i grinded her last time; my advice is to hold your greed until the opportunity presents itself. Far shooting is about estimating where they go(including evasive maneuvers) and spam some bullets there and pray to rngeesus. don't bother about accuracy. Don't think too much about contribution. sometimes you get focused and die. Try to drag or kite to stall death time by being in the right position. if all goes to naught u can always blame the team
  11. Getting too much overpens

    pray to rngeesus and start shooting angled ship or below waterline
  12. versatility in don even though getting citadel is daily routine. the question is which t10 are u looking to have in the long run?
  13. vote for WGC or not

    can you copy the game folder directly to a different device like currently?
  14. there's more t8 plays around off peak hours in my experience. The peak hours are full of narai / T10s. Plus many T10 are still grinding unique mods.
  15. couldn't believe someone would actually do it.