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  1. No. have you ever been spawned unluckily without teammates near for AA blob and dodging volleys after volleys of planes plus enemy team snipes for more than 7 mins before dying without doing any damage? because it's a 4cv Tier X game? I'd rather be in a cruiser.
  2. Balans. Originally tiered at 8, but didn't performed well for that during testing i think.
  3. first they nerf haku, saw this coming for midway, now they give up and buff cv against clumped AA. What a glorious sight. /s
  4. AFAIK it has always been: 1.knocked while reloading. reload starts after tube repaired. 2.knocked in ready state. tube is ready to fire after repaired.
  5. This was a feature taunted since alpha. so many years, i guess.
  6. Lowyat

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    Deja Vu DOY missions
  7. Lowyat

    i hate CVs and so should you

    uhh no. multiple pass torps and multiple continuous fire from cv?its not as bad as dd play but still as terrible as getting one shotted.
  8. that's more like a rock-paper-scissor analogy which is fine. Personally im no longer interested in the current meta because the harassment gameplay.
  9. camo have almost no advantage in cv infested game. better go commando
  10. Lowyat

    A bug:My Minotaur citadeled a Montana at 14 km

    idk but i felt its way too easy in getting cits or pen nowadays.maybe they changed something
  11. Lowyat

    Sound tearing issue

    Yup it had happen when db bomb on me.
  12. Lowyat "Third Patch Lucky"

    I guess DB's are still as terrifying as they previously were.
  13. winning attachments you must let go young padawan. carry you must.
  14. Lowyat

    Regarding Special Cashback Doubloon Offer

    I Still haven't read the EULA symptom is still stronk
  15. Lowyat

    Starting to become rediculous

    gambling mechanic works. Which is why they keep doing it.