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  1. Lowyat

    Priority Target

    i generally don't switch to guns on stealhtorping and switch when torps almost hit
  2. Lowyat


    he is kinda of a flawed genius. but a better moralist than the two ally monster powers
  3. more like wargambling flank speed ahead.
  4. Ignoring is a pathway to many abilities some considered to be unnatural.
  5. Lowyat

    Help with British Battleships?

    imo slinging he in high tier rmbb has worse dispersion than ap.probably more terrible than germanbb.
  6. i remember last time there was a warning if u are in the waiting queue too long, switch to a different ship type. whatever happened to that disclaimer i wonder. its a valid excuse to shift blame from mm.
  7. Lowyat

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    The red takao interests me, but pricing seems far too exorbitant. I guess they still use the flags to jack up commander's price.
  8. Lowyat

    This game is dying

    u might want to censor the name there since naming and shaming isn't allowed on here. get the replay, send a ticket or use the pinned thread for it. then again there might still be nfa for your efforts.
  9. Lowyat

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    I'd like to know what the CEO says too. Earl probably got the short end of the stick with existing baggage. I'm not particularly fond of sacking unless he's on top of the food chain/or person itself has questionable ethical behaviour.
  10. Lowyat


    If they are whales, the unspoken free to play game general rule activates. NFA.
  11. Lowyat

    A bad ping.

    somethings wrong from sg to jp connections according ping plotter.
  12. i think the general meta for dd is capping only when its safe else just spot for others to farm and pray they are good shooters. got 250k spotting last time but third bottom at least a win so meh.
  13. Lowyat

    Tier IX MM "oddity"

    getting same tier mm happens more frequently. Its good mm imo.
  14. Lowyat

    Ban Aimbot and Bot

    They also tell you don't have to report TK griefers because it's already automated. Its probably heading towards youtube adpocalypse if not already.