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  1. Lowyat

    Rework operations, simple solution

    Player skill issue. no more no less.
  2. Lowyat

    Too many AFK and bots

    its been terrible with too many afks
  3. Lowyat

    Tier 6 Brawl - BBs only

    "Teams are matched based player skill level". Felt worse than random
  4. Lowyat

    Noobs In Ranked?

    Pretty much this, which often results in whole team huddles in map corner when both flank turtles.
  5. Grind Try your luck
  6. Lowyat

    Now there's a reason why KOTS is delayed.

    it's funny to have MrG in the ban list when there wasn't any intent.
  7. Lowyat

    Well done on reintroducing submarines.

    i'm okay with this though. it makes it easier to judge the direction and speed of sub for an airstrike depth charge.
  8. Lowyat

    You should read this... ... ...

    There is a term called big stick diplomacy.
  9. Lowyat

    Blimp Mode

    that's the opposite of being smart...its fast paced where camping at the back is a disadvantage.
  10. Lowyat

    Firepower containers rigged?

    you have an illness. you need help.
  11. Lowyat

    I actually think WG is quite generous

    simply because the house wants to win more. allowing trades means even more farmers and they have no control over economy.
  12. during the first year of the game they always talk about customer's "disposable income". You never hear those words ever again nowadays.
  13. Lowyat

    Purple Clan Name

    probably should head straight into 2km and torp or ram instead of time consuming gunnery in 1 min left on that cv.