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  1. the storm is already here for a while now.
  2. First 2 years were the investment. it's milking time for the next 20 years or till liquidation. Need to feed billionaires more money that they did not know what to do with.
  3. Lowyat


    Fixed for the greater truth
  4. Lowyat

    Where is my KONG ????

    A trade consists willing buyer and seller to sell/buy at agreed price for services/goods. Price point complaints are pointless after purchase.
  5. Lowyat

    High School Fleet in ARMORY

    First ever collabs have commanders sold separately. I'd probably chip in for specific captains like Wilhelimina for a reasonable price, but not buy the whole bundle again.
  6. Lowyat

    New Underwater environments !

    I demand wg's promise of partially destruct able land since game went live.
  7. Lowyat

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    Worth is very subjective to each individual. one man's trash is another man's treasure. I would argue a premium ship costs only Money(in-game currency alternatively) whilst RB costs Time/Credits/Fxp and optionally money(unless you paid grinders/accounts/exp etc.) Depends on what your tradeoff fancy is since it's a massive resource sink. At least didn't cost sanity from playing ranked for steel. Still considered a leisure grind for solos.
  8. Lowyat

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    I am guessing the spreadsheets probably still have numbers that aren't zero, which is justified for continuity.
  9. Lowyat

    "Season" pass

    optional optional optional optional optional
  10. Thanks dad. It works and my loading is blazing fast now. Added some Windows batch QoL scripts to avoid my human mental fatigue error in remembering the list.
  11. nonsense. you'll get good hits it it was against bots, which is most likely the first 100 battles in account even playing in random battles. humans will just dodge to mitigate damage. proof in replay then I'll believe. it used to be 90% until matchmaker was changed for cap on bottom tiered player session. Simply because majority player plays higher tiers. Not enough humans to feed lower tier games.
  12. Lowyat

    Current Brawl season: 1 vs 1

    I demand multitude of reactions be returned here.