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  1. Lowyat

    Can we add the expression of the captain in the game

    I've been looking for a way to mod them shout ever since the shout Nerf happened.
  2. Lowyat


    *goes to reset line and rage grind RB
  3. Lowyat

    What is that ?

    im surprised you haven't got banned for stating this already.
  4. Lowyat

    What is that ?

  5. It's not easy definitely and most likely can't save a star should you lose. But it does have the carry potential and you deny dead weight teammate cv. None of my surface pheasant ships gets to drag the team to rank out like my implacable. It's a prophetic when you see a competent enemy cv and the how helpless the decision of your cv impacted the whole team.
  6. Lowyat

    Ranked Sprint for the Lols

    Only CV can carry since your teammate CV generally has artery blockage at medulla oblongata to spot/priorotization. Everything else gets rocketed/citadelled/he spammed to death from long range focus fire.
  7. Lowyat

    How to counter high tiers Italian cruisers?

    Tell the CV in your team that flanking vene is food for him.
  8. Lowyat

    I take his weapons away...

    i am sure wargaming survey will cropped up saying "how satisfied were you in the previous battle" afterwards. it usually does for bizarre cases.
  9. Lowyat

    Well how am I supposed to get THAT down!?

    sink the transport ship you are standing on
  10. Lowyat


  11. Lowyat

    Yamoto Help

  12. Lowyat

    WG on bots

    Check's outside and see if Apocalypse is coming. and the poor/lucky solo sob in the queue.
  13. I am surprised they got the spelling right on the first line, but not the second and third. and it repeats
  14. f2p game companies tend to not encourage hoarding so the ineffective premium trigger makes people spend when it's most effective to do so.
  15. Lowyat

    WG on bots

    Well there's a new mobile iteration with auto bot built in system i hear a lot playing again. But i'll pass.