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  1. some quarters will claim the amount of work/decisions pulled by the feed'ed achieved means the feeder has no right to intervene.
  2. doubt it. even if it does, he's not making a loss. he's already a political cult leader at this point. dough just rolls in.
  3. Lowyat

    The Zoupening

    that's absolutism for you
  4. i bid 150 you get muted/ban, he gets cash. floupies get riled for few seconds then BAU. Ironically, he was talking about echo chamber whilst not doing any self-reflection against floupies or himself.
  5. This is news to me i guess. Kind of remember it was related to sir foch last time.
  6. Lowyat

    The Sad Truth

    see if this is helps
  7. i think it was already tied to account level? but since every new account can just breezed through it via premium usage etc then we have what it is now. Pay to progress is glorious.
  8. Spin out the monarch just to retest it again because reasons. Still felt slightly wilder dispersion on HE for me though statistically similar.
  9. use AP. There is HE dispersion nerf for RN techtree long time ago.
  10. Lowyat

    Meanwhile elsewhere (WoT)

    i stopped watching at "you can use gold to unlock slot sooner"...gotcha
  11. Lowyat

    Something odd going on with containers.

    they'll eventually set containers to open automatically upon receipt. its the most effective/profitable way of screwing the rng brute force approach. you'll then be wasting free premium time(if they decide to give on events) on your non playing days if you decided to pop up to login.
  12. Lowyat

    When "No" becomes "Maybe"

    hope is a fragile thing. only time will tell.
  13. my ex boss used to tell me, it's not what you know, its who you know.