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  1. random bullshit before my red eye flight

    who doesn't want another Fletcher. Gib Fletcher-class USS O'Bannon with TRB and DFAA in different slot
  2. Listening to music while playing?

    +10000000000% chance dodge torpedo
  3. Hi, this is Notser, This time I will play as IFHE Moskva, which I will show you, is benefical. Jokes aside, not Moskva tho, but IFHE Henri IV is a no joke.
  4. BEST START OF 2018!

    That was a nice fireworks
  5. Dark BG there you go~
  6. Choice of ships for T7 scenario?

    BB - Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and KGV CA/CL - Belfast, Atlanta, Shchors. (Myoko is fine, but fast firing CA/CLs are most welcomed) DD - Blyskawica and Sims CV - Pretty much all except Ranger
  7. The meme of strangers

  8. Mogami:155 or 203?

    Let's just forget that Mogami 155 mm has AP, you only shoot that to broadsiding cruiser below 6 km and has to be completely broadside. Although, broadsiding BBs at 7 - 12 km can give you some hefty damage. Still, grab 155 mm, grab IFHE, shoot everything that you want. You don't need the fire damage, you need the HE pen to do good damage. Tbf, i found Mogami is much more fun, dynamic, and interesting than Atago/Takao.
  9. Polls to see popularity of tier X in CW

    Yes Conqueror has the fast healing and superb HE, yet it can get damaged easily and not as tanky as Montana. Tbh, I'm surprised that Henri IV is almost no one's favorite. She's one of the best IMO
  10. Wargaming Gathering Indonesia 2017

    I forgot to ask this lol, why silver ships are not allowed. Want to know the reason behind that as premium ships are less diverse than silver. Also, since press account is given and the ships are only T8 Premium, are we gonna get the removed premium aka the Kutuzov? Logically, we won't right?
  11. Wargaming Gathering Indonesia 2017

    Hop in and let's have fun! I hope I don't have any sudden exam like last year again F10 - Good luck and fair seas!!
  12. WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    T6 and T8 is okay when compared to T5. T5 ships are always getting shafted because of the huge jump of FP/survivability between T5-T6 for example Omaha -> Cleveland or T22 -> Gaede. Probably only a few T5 that could survive being on T7 match. T6? Lol kidding me, there are a lot of good T6 ships compared to 5s
  13. I've had enough of the Bugs & Crashes.

    Have you tried this? It's on the launcher, idk if it will fix anything but you can try it if you haven't
  14. Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Winners have been announced! Thank you for participating this quarterly event! Here are list of this season main challenge winners, congratulations for those who win! Highest base XP in a destroyer: @Kerbal94 in an Ognevoi with 2889 XP Highest base XP in a cruiser: @KAN_56 in a Des Moines with 3962 XP Highest base XP in a battleship: @KAN_56 in a Yamato with 3433 XP Highest base XP in an aircraft carrier: @stratmania in a Midway with 3400 XP Also, congratulation again for @KAN_56 for having the highest base XP of all the submission. Prize will be sent in a period of two weeks, check your e-mail if the prize has been sent. You can always PM me if I forget to give the prize after the time has elapsed. Thank you and F10, Good luck and Fair Seas!