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  1. Woop, pretty much i filled on the Nagato, dunno why i wrote it on Colorado
  2. The highest XP gain on different ship class respectively (DD, CA, BB, and CV). For example. A gets highest XP gain in destroyer therefore A gets the 500 doubloons. B gets highest XP in cruiser therefore B gets 500 doubloons. Prize distribution refers to HoF Q1 2017. 750 doubloons prize is for the one who had the highest XP gain on this season, and yes the prize stacks so one lucky guy gets 500+750 doubloons. For example. A gets highest XP gain in destroyer, but he also scored the highest XP gain on this season. therefore A gets the 500 doubloons and 750 doubloons. I hope you understand my explanation. Cheers and have fun!
  3. For kiting CAs, notably the Mogami, I prefer to use the SGM3 rather than concealment mod because lol rudder > stealth torping
  4. UPDATED TO HERE Keep up guys, there's still long time to show off
  5. Benson 2513 Base XP Updated to here nuu me dont have creds to get more prize :< The Iowa game doesn't have the base XP tab, so i can't put it in
  6. Check out, I added little prize there guys. Pls dont be mad for the smol prize i'm not that rich :<
  7. People play both Anthony and Cyclone because +200% EXP bonus and both have 19pts captain, you know the meaning
  8. Minotaur 2273 Base XP
  9. Tier 6: Destroyer: Fubuki Hatsuharu Shinonome Farragut Gnevny Ernst Gaede Anshan Gallant Cruiser: Aoba Cleveland Budyonny Molotov Nurnberg Admiral Graf Spee HSF Graf Spee Leander La Galissonniere Perth Duca D'Aosta De Grasse Battleship: Fuso Mutsu New Mexico Arizona Bayern Warspite Dunkerque Aircraft Carrier: Ryujo Independence Tier 7: Destroyer: Akatsuki Shiratsuyu 1. csoo54 2258 XP | 2. Mahan Sims Minsk Leningard Leberecht Maass Blyskawica Cruiser: Myoko Pensacola Atlanta Indianapolis Flint Shchors Yorck Fiji Belfast Algerie ARP Myoko ARP Ashigara ARP Haguro ARP Nachi Southern Dragon Eastern Dragon Battleship: Nagato 1. THAI_THIEF 1789 XP | 2. Colorado Gneisenau Scharnhorst 1. kimok69 2294 XP | 2. Hood Aircraft Carrier: Hiryuu Ranger 1. RegulerMen 2398 XP | 2. Saipan Kaga Tier 8: Destroyer: Kagerou 1. Harpoon01 2691 XP | 2. Akizuki Benson 1. kentanghalla 2513 XP | 2. Kiev Ognevoi Z-23 Lo Yang HSF Harekaze Cruiser: Mogami 1. THUNDERCOMMANDER4 2587 XP | 2. Atago New Orleans Chapayev Mikhail Kutuzov Admiral Hipper Prinz Eugen Edinburgh Charles Martel 1. kimok69 2655 XP | 2. ARP Takao Battleship: Amagi North Carolina Alabama Alabama ST Bismarck Tirpitz Aircraft Carrier: Shokaku 1. Seraza 2173 XP | 2. Lexington Enterprise Graf Zeppelin Tier 9: Destroyer: Yugumo Fletcher 1. WJChen 2586 XP | 2. Black Udaloi Tashkent Z-46 Cruiser: Ibuki Baltimore 1. WJChen 2811 XP | 2. Dmitri Donskoi 1. csoo54 2589 XP | 2. Roon Neptune Saint Louis Battleship: Izumo Iowa Missouri Friedrich Der Grobe Aircraft Carrier: Taiho Essex Tier 10: Destroyer: Shimakaze Gearing Khabarovsk Grozovoi Z-52 1. THUNDERCOMMANDER4 1583 XP | 2. Cruiser: Zao 1. kimok69 2232 XP | 2. Des Moines Moskva Hindenburg Minotaur 1. kentanghalla 2273 XP | 2. Henri IV Battleship: Yamato 1. humusz 3040 XP | 2. Montana Grosser Kurfurst Aircraft Carrier: Hakuryu Midway
  10. Tier 1: Cruiser: Hashidate Erie Orlan Hermelin Black Swan Bougainville Tier 2: Destroyer: Umikaze Tachibana Tachibana Lima Sampson Smith Storozhevoi V-25 Cruiser: Chikuma Chester Albany Novik Diana Diana Lima Dresden Emden Weymouth Jurien De La Graviere Battleship: Mikasa Tier 3: Destroyer: Wakatake Wickes Derzki G-101 Campbeltown Cruiser: Tenryu Katori St. Louis Bogatyr Oleg Aurora Kolberg Caledon Friant Battleship: Kawachi 1. Admiral_Neptulussus 1131 XP | 2. South Carolina 1. Admiral_Neptulussus 1087 XP | 2. Nassau Konig Albert Tier 4: Destroyer: Isokaze Clemson Izyaslav V-170 Cruiser: Kuma Yubari Iwaki Alpha Phoenix Svietlana Karlsruhe Danae Duguay-Trouin Battleship: Myogi Ishizuchi Wyoming Arkansas Beta Imperator Nikolai I Kaiser Aircraft Carrier: Hosho Langley Tier 5: Destroyer: Mutsuki Minekaze Fujin Kamikaze R Kamikaze Nicholas Podvoisky Gremyashchy Okhotnik T-22 Cruiser: Furutaka 1. Harpoon01 2240 XP | 2. Omaha 1. Admiral_Neptulussus 2079 XP | 2. Marblehead Marblehead Lima Kirov Murmansk Krasny Krym Konigsberg Emerald Emile Bertin Battleship: Kongou New York Texas Konig ARP Kongou ARP Kirishima ARP Haruna ARP Hiei Aircraft Carrier: Zuihou Bogue
  11. Since the last Q2 OP is missing in action, I shall continue the bragging rights thread Hall of Fame and begin hosting from now on Run time: 7th of August 2017 - 20th of October 2017 Last call for scores will be at 23:59 GMT +8 on the 20th of October 2017 Prizes: 500 Doubloons for the player who achieved the: Highest raw XP earned in a Destroyer. Highest raw XP earned in a Cruiser. Highest raw XP earned in a Battleship Highest raw XP earned in a Carrier. 750 doubloons for highest base XP on this season (yes, prizes are coming from my wallet don't expect too much because I'm not richboi TwT) Rules: Only games from patch 0.6.8 are allowed. Only games that were played from the 7th of August 2017 onward will count. Entries must contain the following tabs: Personal Score Team Score Detailed Report Credits and XP tab is optional. See previous threads for examples of the format. If any of the above tabs aren't shown, then your post is disqualified. Only one entry per ship but you can update that score with a new one (via a new post). Asia server players only and must be played on Asia server (NA, EU, or RU server result will not be counted). Results must only be from the Live server (No Public test result) Community Challenge(s): F10 - Good luck, and fair seas Links to previous seasons:2016 : Q1/Q2 | Q3 | Q42017 : Q1 | Q2
  12. Dunno, since OP is MIA maybe i can host the Q3. Permission?
  13. iirc XP bonuses can be stacked
  14. obligatory @xscore for "Mahan is OP"
  15. True, Personally i solo-grinded the Edinburgh, not-purely, but mostly using radar consumables instead of smoke. Using radar means good practice of positioning and less reliant on smoke. Tho i'm not recommending you the use of radar since it requires a LOT of practices and good situational awareness, just knowing when and where to smoke is generally one good thing, and yeah, never rely on smoke. If your smoke is still on cooldown and you get spotted and focus fired, face yourself against the enemy and simply run and find concealment, unless you're 1v1 a DD. Also, consider to put hydro mod if you happen to get one from super container. Keep it and transfer it if you wanna grind up to Minotaur.