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  1. nah fam you shall pat @Seraza on reddit discord to get good SCs ...oh, and I actually got 14 days of premium time twice recently.
  2. Katori 1682 Base XP Clemson 1402 Base XP UPDATED TO HERE Sorry for the late update guys. Reminder that the submission deadline is 14 more days, make sure to post your highest achievements here! Edit: Ship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and Kii added to the list
  3. This..... Personally, i'd pick Mogami 155. Club people even on T10. Go pick PT+AR+DE+IFHE+CE+EM+(Vigilance/BoS/LS+PM/PM+DCCA+IFA) make it rain of 15 x 155mm HE every 10s Dont forget to grab SGM 2 + SGM 3 for maximum Ultra Super Late Braking and sea drifting (3.4s RST). With that and if you good enough to kite, it's not that hard to dodge multiple BBs shooting at you even though you lack of concealment mod (10.3km sea detection - CE only). ===>>
  4. nooooooooo don bulli shou
  5. Everyone keep forgetting that Minotaur also have radar....
  6. Well, Irian is a thing I really liked the Sydney because of the history behind it, when she fought Kormoran then finally sank Also really want to see Alaska and Suzuya (maybe have the same fate as Tone, which probably will come later after CV rework), and perhaps the whole USN CL line
  7. Des Moines 2612 XP Updated to Here The new RN BB has been added to the list, feel free to sealclub fish play with them and brag about it
  8. and it always goes up +1 or 2 per day
  9. GIVE BACK RN 9.0KM, 9.45KM, AND 9.9KM RADAR!!!! Personally, I grind the RN CL line from Edinburgh -> Minotaur almost most of the time using radar. Tbh, yes Minotaur current 1 km radar buffer seems legit, but that's how the ship works, flushing DDs out of the cap and take the cap for the team. Reworked radar Edinburgh seems about the same as the current radar Neptune. Radar Neptune will be the one suffers from this rework, and can only work when playing as division. She cant survive with 8.7km radar range @ 10.1km detection. IMO They should have the same treatment as USN CA. I don't care if I can't radar CV from 18km away anymore. DDs win game and RN CLs are DD counters.
  10. Woop, pretty much i filled on the Nagato, dunno why i wrote it on Colorado
  11. The highest XP gain on different ship class respectively (DD, CA, BB, and CV). For example. A gets highest XP gain in destroyer therefore A gets the 500 doubloons. B gets highest XP in cruiser therefore B gets 500 doubloons. Prize distribution refers to HoF Q1 2017. 750 doubloons prize is for the one who had the highest XP gain on this season, and yes the prize stacks so one lucky guy gets 500+750 doubloons. For example. A gets highest XP gain in destroyer, but he also scored the highest XP gain on this season. therefore A gets the 500 doubloons and 750 doubloons. I hope you understand my explanation. Cheers and have fun!
  12. For kiting CAs, notably the Mogami, I prefer to use the SGM3 rather than concealment mod because lol rudder > stealth torping
  13. UPDATED TO HERE Keep up guys, there's still long time to show off