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  1. ...also MS22 because it's damn great
  2. Duca d'Aosta 2039 Base XP Mogami Suzuya 2363 Base XP
  3. Radar Minotaur 2372 Base XP
  4. Both ships are no skill. Get Edinburgh/Neptune/Minotaur, put radar, play solo.
  5. I put CE on BBs only on USN BBs because lol detection range North Carolina has 11.8km concealment with CE+Concealment Module New Mexico has 11.9km concealment with CE as comparison, Cleveland has 11.4km concealment with CE Other than USN BBs, i dunno. My Bismarck is secondary build (no CE) and my Kaiser is AA build (also no CE). IMO being survive with the help of good rudder shift, good damage control and good AA is better choice than being concealed I guess, although you can survive better when concealed =w=
  6. armed with only 4x3 305mm guns, if she has the same reload speed as the T4 Nikolai (which is more than 30s) and the fact that this thing can meet T7s, she is clearly underperforming. Although she has the AA that Nikolai doesn't equip, it's still T5 AA and won't chop down easy T7 and T9 (Saipan) planes
  7. Never run any BGMs, tho this keeps ringing in my head every time i pley my Edinburgh and Neptune because I always use radar
  8. go divpad!!!
  9. Yes, get the cheapest one if you ran out of credits. You'll definitely need that -3% detection. Tho, permacam is worth investing bcs it's literally a poor man's premium ship.
  10. Not really interested with Grasse, except for captain trainer
  11. Get the Perth. Unique ship. Belfast is obviously no brainer but it also a no-go since no skill required except positioning and aiming
  12. No, no smoke on New Orleans. The concealment is already great and you can surprise 8" AP to broadsiding Mogamis all day long. USN CAs historically didn't have torpedoes mounted on. CVs are not that frequent in mid-tier and Pensacola-New Orleans AA are pretty crap for USN CA so you may get hydro instead of DFAA to spot for torpedoes. USN DDs are single most OP line of destroyer in the game that the only nerf they got was stealth fire nerf - which was a global nerf. Doesn't need any concealment buff. >NC accuracy buff
  13. You may grind IJN CA, but just stop at Mogami w/ 155mm guns and get Inertia fuse HE (IFHE). Ibuki is mediocre or simply Mogami 203mm with crappier matchmaking and heal. Also don't play the Zao to ensure world peace. USN CAs are pretty solid, tho since you are radar boat (T8-T10 and Atlanta) you might get targeted a lot. Overall they are all good ship and great when in a division. RN CLs are hard, requires quite high skill ceiling. But when you know how to do it, imo they're great. Also best choice of ship when in a division. One thing to do, free xp the Weymouth up to Leander. The T2-T5 RN CLs are the weakest CL in game I guess. No comment on RU CAs and KM CAs since I haven't grind them up to T6.
  14. Nobody expects Radar on T8-T10 RN CL, press U to counterfish -yuribait
  15. What will we do with the drunken sailor, Early in the mor~ning! Way hay and up she rises, Early in the mor~ning! Radar Edinburgh 2546 Base XP