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  1. _HiguchiKaede

    I think the devs are forgetting about something...

    oh really? i havent checked on other sources besides NA server announcement and it wasnt there. Probably on EU or CIS
  2. Hmm i wonder what it is, but it's now 18th already Checked on NA forums and it's also not there. Anyways, I'm still waiting for the results.
  3. _HiguchiKaede

    Błyskawica Camouflage Design Contest - Submission

    Another camo contest Also since it's posted in social media account such as Twitter, can we post more than one submission?
  4. _HiguchiKaede

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    Regular crashing and critical error after the patch, i heard that devs are already know about this issue. Need emergency patch as soon as possible
  5. _HiguchiKaede

    [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

    Dunkerque chan please-
  6. _HiguchiKaede

    birthday giveaway

    Where is my Belfast!!
  7. _HiguchiKaede

    FPS drops

    the game simply just eat too many resources. i run in all max graphic settings, it took quite a long time to load. tried switching to med - low it still have quite long loading + fps drop when enemy ship first rendered
  8. _HiguchiKaede

    What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    Oh ya, i totally forgot about Sydney kinda think it will look like New York port 2.0 because of the bridge
  9. _HiguchiKaede

    Aigle mission part 19

    Sims could do that mission very easy, or any USN ships like Des Moines could do that too in one (winning) game. Personally I finished that with Henri IV in one game, got myself 2k base
  10. _HiguchiKaede

    What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    Hamburg is a nice port, lots of industries and old buildings, too bad I'm not a fan of winter themed ports. But the BGM is awesome
  11. As the title said, personally I kinda want to see more East Asian ports, notably Shanghai, Kure, and Singapore What port are you guys hoping for the devs to add?
  12. _HiguchiKaede

    random bullshit before my red eye flight

    who doesn't want another Fletcher. Gib Fletcher-class USS O'Bannon with TRB and DFAA in different slot
  13. _HiguchiKaede

    Listening to music while playing?

    +10000000000% chance dodge torpedo
  14. _HiguchiKaede

    Is it recommended to install IFHE on Moskva?

    Hi, this is Notser, This time I will play as IFHE Moskva, which I will show you, is benefical. Jokes aside, not Moskva tho, but IFHE Henri IV is a no joke.