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  1. birthday giveaway

    Where is my Belfast!!
  2. FPS drops

    the game simply just eat too many resources. i run in all max graphic settings, it took quite a long time to load. tried switching to med - low it still have quite long loading + fps drop when enemy ship first rendered
  3. What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    Oh ya, i totally forgot about Sydney kinda think it will look like New York port 2.0 because of the bridge
  4. Aigle mission part 19

    Sims could do that mission very easy, or any USN ships like Des Moines could do that too in one (winning) game. Personally I finished that with Henri IV in one game, got myself 2k base
  5. What ports you guys want to see in-game next?

    Hamburg is a nice port, lots of industries and old buildings, too bad I'm not a fan of winter themed ports. But the BGM is awesome
  6. As the title said, personally I kinda want to see more East Asian ports, notably Shanghai, Kure, and Singapore What port are you guys hoping for the devs to add?
  7. random bullshit before my red eye flight

    who doesn't want another Fletcher. Gib Fletcher-class USS O'Bannon with TRB and DFAA in different slot
  8. Listening to music while playing?

    +10000000000% chance dodge torpedo
  9. Is it recommended to install IFHE on Moskva?

    Hi, this is Notser, This time I will play as IFHE Moskva, which I will show you, is benefical. Jokes aside, not Moskva tho, but IFHE Henri IV is a no joke.
  10. BEST START OF 2018!

    That was a nice fireworks
  11. so now the forum shows clantags as well eh

    Dark BG there you go~
  12. Choice of ships for T7 scenario?

    BB - Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and KGV CA/CL - Belfast, Atlanta, Shchors. (Myoko is fine, but fast firing CA/CLs are most welcomed) DD - Blyskawica and Sims CV - Pretty much all except Ranger
  13. The meme of strangers