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  1. Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    I think Akizuki is the only ship that it really is a "must have" skill. Even then, some clever ammo switching can overcome most of the caliber limitations it has. Atlanta was fine without it tbh and even with it, the IFHE is pretty situational. I find it only really help against BBs of equal or higher tier. Tier 5's and 6's get a free ride against an IFHE Atlanta. So no, I don't think it needs removing.
  2. White Ensign on Australian Ships

    The flag introduced is not the Australian White Ensign.
  3. White Ensign on Australian Ships

    The AWE wasn't in use during the period WoWS represents.
  4. Premium Ship Suggestion

  5. Don't be in such a hurry to get to Tier X, it's not that great anyway. This is purely just my opinion, but I find my most entertaining matches are those played at Tiers 4 to 8, and also the most economically rewarding if you're F2P.
  6. Wooloomooloo with Harry's Cafe de Wheels in the foreground and a few drunk sailors knocking off pie floaters on a Saturday night.
  7. Smoke?

    Aigle can be detected whilst firing in smoke from 3.1km. It's less for the Gaede.
  8. Design A Patch submission

    Stop the Boats. =]
  9. Stolen kills

    Honestly doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'd rather someone finish off a low HP ship for me so I don't have to waste a volley on something with <1K of HP left. It's not like kills make you top of the leader board, after all...
  10. Dunkerque help wanted

    The topic is about the Dunkerque, not the use of HE on BBs. The fact HE/Fire damage entirely heal-able is irrelevant to the OP's question.
  11. Dunkerque help wanted

    Were you trying to be condescending? I don't need a 'how-to' sermon, thanks.
  12. Dunkerque help wanted

    I don't know about that. The HE has very good fire starting chance.
  13. Australian potatoes

    I was driving through farm country in NZ once and spotted a farmer having his way with one of his sheep. I pulled over and yelled at him "Oi! You should be shearing that!" He yelled back "Puss off! I'm not shearin' her with anyone!" True story. ;)
  14. Australian potatoes

    I'll just hold my breath waiting for that to happen.