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  1. It was good. Then they nerfed the secondaries and made it utterly generic.
  2. Bex_o7

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    Sporting teams have reserve grades... you perform well enough, you get a call up. I see gaming as much the same. Mind you, I'm not that invested in the competitive stuff. I used to be in the Battlefield series, we trained and practiced and strategised to the n'th degree and before too long all that time and effort made the game feel like a job. I'd do many hours of planning and then pick a team based on the 'horses for courses' strategy and often find myself omitted. It's then, after investing so much time and effort to not even end up playing, that I started asking questions like you are. So I determined to never invest that much again. Sure, the success won't follow, but I've made my peace with that and the game... some 17K battles later... is still fun. Even the competitive stuff. My clan won't make Hurricane I don't think, but we'll certainly make Typhoon in the coming days and I'm very happy with that when I balance it with the amount of effort that goes into it.
  3. Bex_o7

    quitting the game

    S4pp3r... what do you know about class?
  4. Bex_o7

    Narai Nerf

    Not like it was, but still worthwhile.
  5. Having now spent a considerable time on both servers the most obvious difference on NA is the lack of bots. Second to that is the language, it's so much better to not have the box speak. People will make claims that the radial menu will suffice etc, but that's just BS. Plus the banter is pretty amusing a lot of the time. As far as CV frequency goes... I don't feel like it's much different but the quality of CV players is certainly lower on NA. There are still those that are god-like of course, but largely CV driver's are quite poorly skilled on NA. As far as general player skill goes... I see no difference. There are potatoes aplenty on both servers, don't let anyone tell you one is more skilled than the other, they're just a victim of their own confirmation bias.
  6. Bex_o7

    Why i will never spend a cent on this game

    This. WoWS cheats are terrible and do nothing to address what actually makes you good at the game. Positioning.
  7. Don't get me started...
  8. Yeah, just like the 2m FreeXP for the Småland was just a placeholder value.
  9. Bex_o7

    Hot stuff inbound

    Not to be devil's advocate, but when should they listen to the community? There are more stupid opinions than educated ones.
  10. Bex_o7

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    So Max... what you'll find is that as nice as the super narrow spread is for landing large numbers of torpedoes, unless your target is a potato it's most likely that they'll all miss. No consolation prize of one or two hits like you may have gotten on other torpedo focused DDs. I've had best results using the wider spread and forcing damage control cool downs as the reload is quite fast and getting repeated flooding damage is pretty easy. As the torpedo alpha is quite low, it's also an effective way to farm more damage over the course of a round.
  11. Bex_o7

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    Wow, what a classist. Having tested it extensively I can tell you that CVs are most welcome to come after the Småland, if they can even find it. It has 2.8km air detection and extremely effective AA. Any CV with a clue will avoid it, just like they do with a Friesland. In its role as a DD hunter/killer it is extremely effective. Is it worth 2m FreeXP? Honestly, I think it's pretty steep for any ship, but it's also less grindy than a lot of other unique ships.
  12. I don't recall exactly but it's around 11km.
  13. Well you're going to love Ägir if it goes live, unchanged. As a secondary focused CA, it's amazing.