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  1. Defensive destroyers?

    Thanks, Captain Obvious. Clearly I was referring to situations without radar spam.
  2. Defensive destroyers?

    Judging by the long hydro duration, great concealment and reasonably long smoke screen duration I'd say these DDs are designed to be cap contesting ships that will be difficult to spot, flush from smoke and rush, all at the same time. Much like the Haida is now, and that's just fine by me.

    Better late than never to the party I suppose. FYI, there have been numerous threads on this issue for the past three seasons but unfortunately WG don't seem to give much of a damn about their Australasian player base.
  4. Free code

    Cheers, bud.
  5. Boggled.

    Like it or not, win rate is a pretty decent indicator. There are other factors, like average damage dealt, average XP earned etc; they all help to paint a picture of how effective a player is. I've never seen a good player with a bad win rate and I'm fairly certain that's not a coincidence.
  6. CB times for AUS and NZ

    FIFO for CWs...
  7. Everyone gets access to the clan's unlocked bonuses provided they have earned enough oil. A new member must earn 10 oil for every level of the clan's rank. For example, a rank VII clan will require a new member to collect 70 oil, then they will automatically receive all bonuses unlocked in the clan port.
  8. CB times for AUS and NZ

    If I could take my ships with me to the NA server I would do so in a heartbeat and I'm quite certain the vast majority of our members would follow.
  9. CB times for AUS and NZ

    You know, before clan wars there were Team Battles. They started at a very reasonable 8:30pm and we rarely waited long for a match; participation was even lower back then but it still got us that competitive fix. It can happen, WG just choose to not let it happen.
  10. CB times for AUS and NZ

    Even that option is a poor one, it just means we'd get to play on one day of the week instead of none. It's encouraging to know that WG have done absolutely nothing to make CW a possibility for AU/NZ clans for three straight seasons now.
  11. Oh, I've asked. Tickets have been submitted, Redditors from WarGaming have been contacted but all we get are empty promises.
  12. For the record, some of us are very interested in competitive play but are unable to participate because WG couldn't give a rat's ass about AU/NZ players. That said, equal treatment whingers are easily ignored.
  13. I demand an explanation.

    I demand pineapple on pizza.
  14. How to avoid trolls?

    I once joined a game in the Aigle after finishing the marathon for it. I was pink at the time and from the outset of the game, this douche has it in for me. Telling my team mates not to support me, wailing on me for buying a ship you can get for free [even though I had completed the marathon *shrugs*] so I just took some screen shots and convo'd his clan leader. Clan leader promptly booted him. Justice served, WG intervention not needed.
  15. Look, I mean no disrespect, but the realism argument is a really poor one. If WoWS were based in realism them BBs would hit their targets 3% of the time, not 30% of the time. That said, a 'line of sight' function to radar would be a welcome change, just don't don't use realism as justification.