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  1. Bex_o7

    SEA population exceeds NA's ?

    Quite the SEA circle jerk going on here... It's been a couple of months since the transfer and I can tell you the differences in game play between the two servers are slight. Still yet to see a bot and rarely see box talk, so there's that going for NA.
  2. The chat is genuinely funny. You get toxic d*cks of course but for the most part it's entertaining. Also, some of the player names are bloody hilarious.
  3. Whoa there, settle down fella. It must be the match making. /s
  4. You've pretty much repeated your point six times that this happens repeatedly and that massive imbalances and loss streaks are unavoidable, regardless of the player's ability. So tell me then, how do a great many players possibly maintain a positive win rate? I'm sure since you represent "the rest of the player base" you can cast some light on this for me.
  5. Bex_o7

    Wows in Ultrawide

    Very well.
  6. Bex_o7

    Wows in Ultrawide

    I actually run it windowed at a much more conventional size because the mini map is too damn far away in super ultra wide. GPU is some AMD thing I got recently. I dunno... it does stuff.
  7. Bex_o7

    Wows in Ultrawide

    49" Super Ultra wide, baby.
  8. Bex_o7

    The Prodigal Max

    Each to their own. Good luck, Max. At least you satisfied your curiosity.
  9. Bex_o7

    Server Transfer disappointment

    @WellyCoaster gave you the solution. I had a few guys from my clan experience the same problem and Femmenenly sorted them out quick smart. Get over to the NA forums, make a disposable account and PM her. Problem solved.
  10. Bex_o7

    Clan Brawl changes

    Well.. that's gotta suck. Pretty happy we switched servers now, the Brawl went off without a hitch on NA thanks to the SEA guinea pigs. Either compensation or the opportunity to switch to a non-shit server would be ideal.
  11. Bex_o7

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    Max, PM Femenenly directly on the NA forums. A few of my guys have had to and she's sorted them straight out.
  12. Bex_o7

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    I had to use the work around, still no email received but it's all there. It looks like the snap shot was taken Friday and I transferred Sunday night so it was just the weekend's progress lost. If you don't know what the work around is... Go to the WoWS NA page and make sure you're logged out of any account. Go to the login screen and click on "Recover Account" Follow the prompts and reset your password. Log in with your email and new password. Your name will be "Renamed Used XXXXXXX" Go to account management and change your name [free] Log in to the NA client. Profit! However! It won't work if you have an active account on NA with the same e-mail address. You'll still have to wait for WG to e-mail you.
  13. Bex_o7

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    I’m all switched over now, I’ve lost maybe 20 games of progress between the switch from SEA to NA. See you there, brigands!
  14. Wouldn't it be nice if when you chose a resource container and are lucky enough to pull a Super Container... that it actually contained resources?