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  1. Bex_o7

    Amateur help needed

    I'm not sure using the Russian line will teach him a whole lot tbh.
  2. Bex_o7

    Clan Brawl Maps in Training Room

    Wouldn't that be something? Those 3 vs 3 Clan Brawls were the most fun competitive format WG have come up with in... ever.
  3. Bex_o7


    Let's just say that those that can make it happen are well aware that many of us want it to happen. Whether it gains traction or not remains to be seen.
  4. Bex_o7


    Not yet but never say never.
  5. Oh, I don't know... I got this highlight first game in it...
  6. Bex_o7

    tips on British battleships

    Use AP on your tier VI but the rest do better with HE, for the most part. I’d recommend taking Expert Loader as you will get opportunities to take good AP shots because people just assume you’re locked into using HE. It probably goes without saying, but angling is still important, too.
  7. Bex_o7

    Server Migration

    ...or one less to carry your sorry arse.
  8. Bex_o7

    Web Server is Unavailable

    Go to your Game Centre, then click on Game Settings, then click on "Install Additional game instance". Install the region you want and you're done.
  9. Bex_o7

    Web Server is Unavailable

    It's not really fair to take a swing at someone because they actually used the search function. I wish more people would follow suit tbh.
  10. Bex_o7

    Web Server is Unavailable

    I fixed it by installing separate instances of the game for ASIA/SEA/Test server etc.
  11. Bex_o7

    Server Migration

    Assuming it wasn't outrageously priced, I'd pay for the privilege.
  12. Bex_o7

    Server Migration

    What is this madness?
  13. Bex_o7

    Server Migration

    That hasn't been my experience. I've played on EU with 200ms ping and still can't tell the difference.
  14. Bex_o7

    Clan Brawl - Matchmaking

    We played on the NA Server this morning without issue. That said, we had friends in NA stuck in a perpetual queue... so NFI really.