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  1. Serene_Potato

    Way don't control about SLEEPING SHIP in game?

    Why would you want to control the amount of sleeping ships? They're kawaii.
  2. Serene_Potato

    AniManga Chat :E

    Sailor uniforms, Nagato, and in World of Warships forums. Coincidence?
  3. Serene_Potato

    AniManga Chat :E

    Wonder which anime Syanda's profile picture comes from.
  4. Serene_Potato

    Some confusion with the Cleveland

    Sounds like Fantasy 200 - Cleveland Edition. Anyone remember World of Sex?
  5. Serene_Potato

    WOWS shooting mechanics

    but surely it would be better if DDs could only steer in straight lines while hosing you down with a hail of fire....
  6. Serene_Potato

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Torpedoes himself in carriers
  7. Serene_Potato

    UI Things to do Check List

    I did it before, all the while typing Kancolle sunk phrases. Guilty.
  8. Serene_Potato

    Looking for a mentor

    So this is a development of the "adopt a potato" program for World of Warships?
  9. Serene_Potato

    aircraft stuck!

    Even after the game ended?
  10. Serene_Potato

    AniManga Chat :E

    At this point in the kancolle event, I realized, I don't have a 4th DD that is higher than level 10.
  11. Serene_Potato

    WOWS shooting mechanics

    Might finally make battleships a bit more competitive as well. Though maybe the Fletcher and Gearing should have the aim time reduced to maybe 3 seconds. They had radar fire controls after all
  12. Serene_Potato

    WOWS shooting mechanics

    I suggest some changes to the aiming mechanics: If the ship is turned, then the accuracy of the guns will decrease, for up to 10 seconds, where it will revert back to normal. Applies to every class except battleships, as they're screwed if they don't turn their ship and kill that DD chasing them. Does not affect turret rotation and forward movement, only turning of ship. This would be somewhat realistic, as the turning of a ship in real life would require a recalculation of firing angles, etc. This would probably make playing ships like the Cleveland slightly more challenging Discuss =]