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    Love This Game So Much!,my waifu is a Warships
  1. always wonder how 150mm can penetrate BBs Armor tier 6

  2. Murmansk is the BB-Q burner machine xD

  3. Fate/Ship Night: Unlimited Torpedo Works ! sayonara Kitakami-san

  4. 804 PVP and 30 PVE,can i get The USS arkansas ?

  5. 0.4 Public Test report: No FPS problem.The Lag indicator always blinking cause 300+ms,but no Lag.good job Devs!

  6. Marchel_Nishizumi

    Can't get in the battle

    Maybe You just Stuck for First time,same like me,but it's taking 2/3 minutes after battle start to load game data and next battle it wont happen again
  7. Joining WoWS 0.4 Publick test!,still on queue

  8. I Hope World of WarShips Will Open ASAP