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    Ok. As I am aware, many people hate the Furutaka, tier V Japanese "heavy cruiser". I am aware how bad this ship is, my first game and I already know the grind will be like the M3 Lee in WoT. The turrets have a very slow turn rate (BB turn rates, as I am aware, with the expert gunner skill). and the guns have a slow reload, and TERRIBLE TERRIBLE range. My Kuma, that fired more than twice as fast, turned twice as fast, and had the SAME range, if not even better. Developers, please consider adding a final upgrade for the Furutaka with twin turrets. And maybe find a way to balance it out with the US cruisers, because as far as I am concerned, the Furutaka is a punching bag for the Omaha, even the Phoenix. the guns are bad, it turns like a battleship, armed like a destroyer (minus the torpedoes), armoured like a carrier. Please, fix!