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  1. Advancer231

    Which Nation Ship Lines Are The Best/Fun

    All lines have the potential to be fun depending on your playstyle. As mentioned in previous posts each line has a few ships most people would consider garbage but there might be a few who find them enjoyable. It's really up to your preference. Personally? (Get ready, this is gonna be long)
  2. Advancer231

    Having problem with keep losing? Deal with it!

    I completely agree and, looking at your location, I'd like to add that sometimes it's all you can do when your wifi is liable to give out after more than 5 mi utes of gameplay (or whenever someone picks up the landline. Still trying to figure out how to fix that). Honestly I think this is an important mentality to have. It's not so much "did I win" than "did I contribute greatly." Personally I find it better to lose with two kills under my belt, a bunch of citadel and defender ribbons, maybe even a devastating strike or first blood and overall an very active game even though I only gained a few thousand (at high tiers anyway) than to win in a game where you camped at the back and the only ribbons you get are damage ribbons (though sometimes I do enjoy these as well if the damage is high-enough).
  3. Oldest serving warship in the Philippine navy and one of the only WWII-era ships in the world still in active service is finally being decommissioned this year. Unfortunately, no plans have been made so far to convert her into a museum, A Brief History A Cannon-class Destroyer Escort originally commissioned as USS Atherton (DE-169) in 1943. During World War II, she spent most of her career conducting patrols in the Atlantic, where she was credited for sinking U-583 until she was transferred to the Pacific in mid-1945. She continued to serve there until she was decommissioned later that year in December with one Battle Star. In June 1955, she was transferred to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force where she served as JDS Hatsuhi with her sister ship, JDS Asahi (USS Amick (DE-168)) until they were returned to the US Navy 20 years later in June 1975. She was transferred to the Philippine government the following year and was renamed BRP Rajah Humabon. She was then towed to Korea, where she underwent extensive refit and modernization. Ex-USS Muir and USS Sutton were cannibalized to upgrade and repair her and her sister ship, Datu Sikatuna (former USS Amick/JDS Asahi), which was similarly scrapped and cannibalized in 1989. Since then she has received a number of refits throughout her service and is the only remaining ship of her class that served in the Philippine Navy (her third sister ship, Datu Kalantiaw (USS Booth (DE-170)) was ran aground by Typhoon Clara in 1981). Presently she has been demoted to Patrol Frigate and mostly serves as a Ceremonial ship for receiving foreign visitors and as a training ship. Admittedly I'm not sure where this should be posted. While the decommissioning is a recent thing, the ship in question is WWII vintage so if I posted it in the wrong place, please tell me.
  4. Advancer231

    USS Enterprise is seriously underpowered

    Well, let's take a look at what's been up for grabs over at the premium shop over the past years. USN DD: Smith, Sims, Black CA: Albany, Marblehead/Lima, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Flint BB: Arkansas Beta, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Missouri CV: Saipan Out of all of these premiums, the worst ships would be Albany and possibly Smith. Apart from these two ships (and a few others depending on who you ask), USN Premiums are overall rather solid in terms of performance (if a little specialized in the case of Atlanta) and overpowered in the case of Saipan. Up until now Saipan was the only premium USN CV and it's only now that another USN Premium CV is up for grabs and, not being as overpowered as Saipan, really stands out against the other the regular tech tree CVs because it's a severely underpowerd Premium CV. Overall, in terms of premiums, the USN premiums perform solidly except for a few ships which do not really see sale time that often (excluding the fact that they are currently offering Smith for free). Now let's take a look at the regular tech tree. (I could be wrong with a few of these so feel free to correct me) DD Tier II-III: Few guns to speak of and worse torpedoes. Tier IV-VII: Excellent Gunboats. Torpedoes and shell characteristics (Tier V+) leave much to be desired but overall good ships. Tier VIII-X: Well-rounded and versatile. Mix of good torpedoes and excellent gun handling, though shell characteristics are still bad. CA Tier I-III: Not much to say about Erie and Chester, but St. Louis has good RoF, broadside power and is fun to play. Tier IV-V: Mix of good guns and maneuverability, but torpedoes and armor are lacking. Tier VI: Decent armor, maneuverability and gun handling. Favorite of HE Spammers due to RoF, but loses torpedoes completely. Tier VII: Oh, boy. Glass cannon. Highly fragile but with good armament. Concealment buff a few patches back really helps. Tier VIII-X: Kind of average, really. Not overwhelmingly good but not horribly bad. Des Moines has the best RoF of all Heavy Cruisers. BB Tier III: Scrap heap. Tier IV-V: Good survivability, artillery, and manueverability. Slow as snails though and the armor scheme on New York can be difficult to work with. Tier VI-VII: Good survivability, more reliable armor and armament. Colorado has more unique ergonomics though. Still slow as hell. Tier VIII-X: Balance of speed, armor, and firepower. Recent Citadel changes improves survivability. NoCal and Iowa are surprisingly stealthy. CV Tier IV-V: Apparently a favorite of Seal Clubbers Tier VI-X: All-or-Nothing loadouts. Sometimes a bit more potent but overall less versatile than the IJN CVs. For the most part, USN ships all perform solidly with a few exceptions and the CV line, but not a lot of people still play CVs anymore. The premiums and the tech tree are solid lines, so I'm guessing that's why WG's still making money over at NA.
  5. Advancer231

    Totally unbalanced CV

    Personally the highest tier CV I have is Independence but I've had some run-ins with Saipan in my other ships and sometimes I try to help out our CV's squadrons if they happen to be close by and my ship has decent AA. That being said, it's like @Sparcie said with using yours and allied AA to give your planes an edge. Saipan's planes are tough, but they aren't invincible and sticking your bombers close to or having your fighters lure Saipan's into the AA range of, say, a Cleveland or Atlanta or NO, possibly NoCal or even that unlucky Texas that ended up in a T7 game will do lots for helping your planes survive to strike another day. If you're lucky or a teammate feels particularly helpful, you might notice an allied ship with good AA that happens to be heading your planes' way, whether by coincidence or because he's offering his AA to help you. If there's one good thing about OP Premium ships (apart from when you're the one controlling them), it's that its presence can sometimes inspire teammates to actively cooperate for the sake of sinking it fast (for example, one time I saw a Cleveland rush through the middle of the map AAA blazing so our Ranger could send a strike towards the enemy Saipan. Poor Cleveland got torpedoed for his trouble but the Saipan ended up dying and without him sending fighters everywhere we managed to salvage the game after Ranger softened up a few BBs rushing down the line). In a nutshell, the most commonly emphasized/sadly ignored concept of teamwork.
  6. Advancer231

    BB dispersion in the new patch

    Honestly the dispersion doesn't really feel all that different except for a few good hits in my New Mexico, but those damage rolls are an old hat for me at this point so long as I bother to aim well. My shells still missed hilariously one time and hit enough at another so I'm gonna have to agree with legionary and say that, unless sufficient data is presented, we can't really say that the dispersion's been changed. Not that a BB accuracy buff wouldn't be nice for us BB captains, but I also play cruisers so this could be a serious problem if it does turn out to be true.
  7. Advancer231

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    Looking at the shop. Still no Bama. Maybe later. Hopefully.
  8. Advancer231

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    Well, that depends. Just look at Mutsu. Problem is that a fair amount of the IJN ships don't have as much distinction as some ships from other navies. Of course, you have the fearsome reputation of the Yamato class, Yukikaze: The Survivor, and Nightmare of the Solomons: Poi Edition, but on the other side you have ships like Sweet Home Alabama, Washington the Ninja, Bismarck: Hood Sinker, Hood: Sunk by Bismarck, Graf Spee: Pirate in all but Name, The Grand Old Lady, David and Goliath: Taffy 3 Edition, O'Bannon: Potato Warfare, Ramming Always Works: an HMS Glowworm Story... I guess they could market the IJN Aircraft carriers but other than Pearl Harbor and Coral Sea, the other only other prominent distinctions I can recall include Rekt at Midway (Akagi, Kaga and Soryuu), Bad Design (Akagi and Kaga), Powerplant of a Destroyer (Katsuragi) and Yamato-class with Planes sinks Four Torpedoes later (Shinano). Still eagerly awaiting Alabama though
  9. Advancer231

    Best Carrier Line In 0.6.0

    Not particularly far down the CV line atm but I prefer the USN. Strike loadout's tricky, sure, after evading enemy fighter squadrons I'd rather my planes survive the bomb/torpedo run on the enemy ship without getting wrecked by AA. USN's a tad slower and less squadrons, sure, but I find those squadrons harder to shoot down than anything else, personally.
  10. Advancer231

    Potato need help, my tier 8 credit gain is SO LOW

    To OP If you think playing CV is hard, wait till you've spent a coupe of months in other T8 surface ships. Primairy concern being the large amount of HE spammers there are to deal with. You've got the VMF cruisers until Moskva pus the DDs, Des Moines at T8 for the USN plus their DDs, and any cruiser from the IJN, especially Mogami, Ibuki or Zao. Doesn't matter how good your repair party is or how long you wait to use it since everyone's slinging fore around.
  11. I read a little into the Nelson class. The 16-inch gun on them didn't really meet expectations since it ended up using a much lighter round than what was deemed effective so you have a point there. Then there's the gunnery problems of the KGV class. Then again there's Warspite's gunnery record and Rodney's shots on Bisko can't be discounted, even if it's because Bismarck didn't maneuver properly. Mechanically challenged? Sums up a few RN battleships quite well. Mediocre? Not really. Remember that this is the nation that materialized the idea of a Dreadnought battleship and whose BBs have some of the best gunnery records of the time.
  12. I was quite salty about this too regarding the lack of Brit BBs until I realized something regarding the design of a few British BBs. Battlecruiser line is essentially up-gunned Kongo with worse armor until Repulse or Hood. Nelson is basically down-tiered Izumo and the 16-inch on her was deemed an unsuccessful design (big caliber but light round = poor pen). Did the Brits even plan anything bigger than HMS Vanguard? (8 15-inch. Probably T8 or 9 at best?) I honestly wonder how WG would handle all this. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the BB line might go something like this: HMS Dreadnought (T3) > Colossus/Orion class (T4) > Orion/Iron Duke class (T5) > Queen Elizabeth/Revenge class (T6) > Revenge/Nelson class (T7) > KGV class/HMS Vanguard (T8) > HMS Vanguard (T9) > ? I imagine there's a lot of debate over which class of BB gets what tier since the RN had more Dreadnoughts than I've listed here. Then there's the possibility of a separate Battlecruiser line and also issue of what kind of playstyle would the RN have. The <content removed> are good at ranged (I think), Germans are made for Brawling and the USN is somewhere in between, so what kind of niche would the RN have? Anyway, I don't know too much about the RN BBs so if anyone can share some insight on a possible tech tree please do so. Insults/Derogatory Comments. Post Edited. User Sanctioned ~ADM_dude
  13. Dunno about most of you but I took Pensa for ranked a few times and it went fine. Even got top of my team once and brought me from rank 16 to 14. Admittedly there are unlucky moments when a Nagato decides to aim well but that's happened too few times to really detract from it. Not trying to raise a fuss or anything, just thought I'd offer my two cents. Pensa for ranked? If you can make it work, then why not?
  14. Advancer231

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Re-bought my Clemson recently. I remember now why I cried when I had to sell her. So fun.
  15. Clemson. One of the few DDs I have that still actively lands torpedo hits and makes WoWS fun. Wonder if WG plans on making a USS Edsal premium? Clemson's sister and the original WASD Hacker (Just ask the IJN).