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  1. I dont understand about they random sell pre ships, why they dont just put every pre ships on the web shop forever like the other. Lol if you want discount event just do it . I have money and i want buy the ship, but i need to wait it, and i dont know when it come out, At least you can post the schedule about next discount event or something like that. in fact you are losing money cause put random ships on sell shop, cause maybe some one miss the time their favorite ship come out, and when they save money for the ships but it not sell than they use it for something different. in fact the player who buy pre ship only buy some of their favorite, only a litter can has money to buy everything. So I want i can buy it any time, i can have money. We are the customer who paid your salary, but we need to wait your service...... What wrong with this ????
  2. JunkTankk

    Saipan Poll

    guys, if saipan op why dont you just need buy it. it sell on web, buy it and play and feeling the OP saipan :D, very simple. Or you can not stand this game, simply quit it. Still have many game on internet for you. I dont see any serious problem here, they selling it on web, OP >>> buy it. I still feel so sorry cause i play WOWS too late, they already remove miku and bellfat. Maybe i will buy Saipan cause this topic. Thank to you :D
  3. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    sorry for nob question but i read on flamu he said blyka is god tier, but no where i can find sims in his tier, So can some one tell me what is Sims better than blyka, i realy dont care about tranfer cap from same country cause blyka already sell in game shop, but with sims maybe i can wait until x mas. And if i buy i only want focus on 1 tier and try get different country, it mean if i buy tier 8 i will buy tirpitz with atago, or tier 7 with schar, 1 DD, and 1 cruiser. and if i buy atlanta, i will try not play it until i can get some real exp about game. And dont worry i want playwith coo op to train my cap about 10 skills than go to random
  4. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    That why i want to buy at least 2 (tier 8) or 3 (tier 7) pre ship so i can continue play game without wait the ship finish game if i die soon
  5. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    So if for long term invesment Atlanta can be good right. Maybe it same with lorrent in WOT, spam ammo but no armo at all, and it require 15 points captain right?. So maybe i buy 3 pre ships (schar, blys, atlanta), than grind free exp to get missori , it will less painful when you get MM with tier X in missori, i just need mess around with tier 9 maximum, learn how to play game :D, i belive when i got enough exp for missori i already get enough exp not mess around in tier X battle
  6. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    i dont see sims on web and in game too, so maybe they sell it again on x -mas or maybe i get balyka, i see flamu said he is god tier....., i dont care about grind tech ship. And i read on internet some guys said they will release some new pre ship in x-mas, Hood BB tier 7 of bris, i hear he good to buy or something like that maybe i will wait until x mas
  7. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    but if i not wrong belfast not sell any more right ?, and saipan, am not fan of CV, they feel boring. If i buy tier 7 pre ship, i must buy schar is best, but i still need 1 more, just dont care about country cause like i said i am not grind exp ship, so just want good ship from different country with schar
  8. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    in fact i used to want buy T5 musmank frist to get exp from the game, but after i read on internet about new MM, Tier 5 is broken, 90% bottom tier in game, so i give up. And about the pre account, i feel waste money when buy it cause i only play about 2 hours/day or some day too busy for game. And i want to know 1 thing is WOW tier X cost alot money for 1 battle. Cause in WOT tier X often cost you so much in game money to fix the tank and resupply, if no pre account you will lose or lucky you will no profit or only a litte. So it end up i stack tier 8 premium tank to get money spam gold ammo :D. I give up to grind exp to tier X tank , that why play WOT about 3 years but only 1 tier X, For all that thing, i want buy tier 8 premium ships to play for not short money in game, all i want is i want to know what pre ship best to buy for long term. i not want end up like my WOT game, i has is 6, and FCM 50t, i give up play them about 50 games. Than i bought lorrento , Skopi G, t2e5, and feel good with them. So that why creat this topic to get suggest about best tier 7 or 8 pre ships now
  9. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    the last thing i want to ask, is there some one know future discount plan on web asia, thank
  10. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    thank so much, again this is what i am looking for, thank for understand my situation
  11. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    thank for reply, this is what i want to know, so buy tier 8 with atago and tirpiz are good right ?. i know how you guys thinking about newbi lack of exp . I already play WOT about 3 years, but until now my account only has 1 ter X, i mean i have in game money to buy anny tank tier X but i dont grind enough exp to research it to tier x. So that end up with many pre tier 8 tank in my account. The true is if you want play this game well, you need at least 1 pre ship tier 7 or 8 like WOT, so why you dont buy ASA you can . All i want to know which tier better from 7 and 8, and which ships are good to buy until now.
  12. JunkTankk

    newbie asking about pre tier 7 or 8

    thank for all reply, but so sorry i dont have time to play low tier cause i have job and family with 2 child lol..... only can play around 2 hours/day so that why i want buy some high tier pre to enjoy game at soon at i have free time. I hate run low tier ugly ship. My plan is buy some pre ship than grind for free exp than get missory (tier 9 pre) i am not forcus on grind exp to buy tech tree ship
  13. frist eng is my second language so sometime i write wrong plz forgive me. i want to buy some pre ship, but i wonder what tier is best for long term and fun, 7 or 8, i know if buy 8 you will MM with X, but with 7 MM with 9 max, so both of them still MM +2 from your tier. So with tier 8 i plant to buy atago and tirpz, with tier 7 i plan to buy schar, blyka, and maybe 1 cruiser ( plz suggest me). So can some one give me advice about which tier i should play, and maybe which ship should buy for that tier if they are not above. thank you