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  1. with kaga coming into the fold will the yorktown class carriers eventually be added. both these ships saw action at midway
  2. The_Big_Red_1

    Playing own music didn't work

    weird i tested mine out and it works like a charm maybe you put in the "wrong" directory. since 6.4 WG has there own laucher which divides into regions if u get what i mean
  3. we are in 6.4 now it may be obsolete update whenever you can asap
  4. The_Big_Red_1

    Manual torpedo drop is OP for experienced CV player

    not just practicing LOTS of practicing that and also trial and error...
  5. The_Big_Red_1

    About MM and My Opinion

    oops i almost forgot about that... Quote updated. ~amade
  6. The_Big_Red_1

    Manual torpedo drop is OP for experienced CV player

    manual drop is quite easy to do once you know where the arming distance is plus timing and then the enemy's got a very nasty flooding problem...
  7. WG has been very hush-hush about this so why aren't they in the game yet. we have the Lexington class Carriers so how come they are not in as of yet? I hope to god they wont be set as premiums if they do i'll be very mad...
  8. The_Big_Red_1

    About MM and My Opinion

    usually when i switch from the NA server to the asian server average max cap is around 5000 people (NA is around 10,000) so that can probably explained the huge tier discrepancies...
  9. The_Big_Red_1

    Voice chat for divisions?

    having all this stuff like skype chat and all that stuff seems like a real hassle and does more harm than good. if you ask me if would be more efficient for WG to implement an in-game voice chat and i speak from experience based off of me playing MP matches in World in Conflict...
  10. The_Big_Red_1

    carrier mods for dive bombers wheen we get AP bombs

    perhaps you should try manually dropping with the dive bombers. there were some scenarios where RNG was acting like a [expletive] for me and it was not nice. so either add AP bombs or increase the accuracy of them because the way i see it at the moment torpedo bombers are far more accurate than dive bombers...
  11. The_Big_Red_1

    carrier mods for dive bombers wheen we get AP bombs

    in the WoWs NA server i mentioned this idea several times but i guess WG falls on deaf ears when it comes to "constructive" suggestions...
  12. The_Big_Red_1

    Please Nerf the Budyonny

    when fully upgraded the budy's max gun range is around 16km compare that to the cleve's max gun range when fully upgraded which is 14km that is a serious mismatch plus the budy has torpedo armaments while the cleve does not. perhaps a nerf is in order but maybe WG should be looking at the USN cruisers by improving shell arcs and or range to bring them up to par or to compensate for lack of torpedoes or range...
  13. The_Big_Red_1

    5.7 Delayed

    they must be adding more things (eg. balance, bug fixes, new content, i don't know) if they are going to delay. the real question is what?
  14. The_Big_Red_1

    is world of warplane still viable?

    i heard "rumors" on the ether and people talking about WoWp and what i found and heard about was not "nice"
  15. The_Big_Red_1

    5.7 Delayed

    not to mention the cruisers and carriers of the USN line too?