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  1. Duylaser

    Problem with graphic

    yep, last version and older i always set low setting at 1080, temp is about 70C, now i have to set down to 17xx.7xx resolution for keep temp low, oh fps before 5.1.2 is under 50, now it up to 60-65, i think it's cause high temp :p thanks for reply
  2. Duylaser

    Problem with graphic

    I have a problem with graphic, in v5.1.1 with the same setting(low), my laptop(asus N56vz-i7-GT650m) can run game smooth under 80*C, but when i play game in new update pack, temperature is above 87-90*C, i try different setting but it still hotter than older version, does anyone have the same issue?
  3. Duylaser

    Can anyone explain this for me?

    thank n sorry for that, close topic
  4. in my battle today a guy appear with a pink name, everybody curious, when i ask he say he is a vip, yes vip not premium acc. so what is that? he also say he have +50% extra damage really @@ [content removed] Naming and Shaming. Post Edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking Post closed at OP Request ~dead_man_walking
  5. Duylaser

    Server Error?

    me too, but now i can login again