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  1. KillStealz

    Rank Season 11 Idea

    You and I remember T6 Ranked VERY differently... I remember trying to play DD in high ranks which was just BB spam as usual on this server, min 5 BBs per team (Fuso's mainly). Basically you would reverse into cap and pray their DD was deleted by Fuso AP spam before you were, there is a serious issue with high ranked save star mechanic on this server. Other servers haven't been infected yet but its just BB spam because that's the only reliable way to consistently save your star (xp based mainly on DMG dealt). It's becoming so boring, dull and toxic it's not even funny. Ranks 22-5 aren't so bad. Until they change the system, or they open up a server transfer service doubt i will be playing ranked again. PS. Your better off posting on reddit, WG read and respond to people A LOT more there than they do their own forums. Sad i know but its reality.
  2. KillStealz

    Too many Yamato's in ranked

    Yomato spam... don't know what your talking about! This is how most games look in R5-1 right now, maybe 2 cruisers if lucky.
  3. KillStealz

    Help regarding cruiser gameplay

    I don’t usually post in these but here’s some basic advice outside of the usual that is hugely important but 75% of Cruisers players never follow. - Controlling when you are detected is the MOST important thing in cruisers, especially fragile ones. Ie never turn broadside when detected unless absolutely nessicary, just stop shooting for 20 sec.. go dark then turn broadside and angle away, then start firing again. This is the no1 noob mistake that often results in dev strikes. - On top of this control the engagement, decide when you have the advantage and when you want to engage.. be patient, lasting the whole game means doing more dmg, not that extra salvo early on that gets you killed or costs you half your hp. It’s ok to not fire for a few mins even until your in a favourable position or have the advantage. - Be unpredictable, ie use a & d yes.. but with propulsion mod w & s can be a lot more effective. As soon as you see a B.B. fire at you, slam into reverse and turn in or out. Do this a few times, then don’t do it, often B.B. gets so annoyed after hitting nothing for 3 reloads will just ignore you. French cruisers can be totally troll with this, think I’ve had 3 mil + potential in the Martel before dodging B.B. shells. - Along with B.B.s.. always try to watch where they are positioned so they don’t sneak in and strike you.. always watch where they are aiming and try to count their reloads in your head to predict their next salvo. There’s a lot more but these are a good starting point to follow outside of the usual tips and focus on survivability which sounds like what you need help with at the moment.
  4. KillStealz

    CV Queue Times

    Happened again to a friend today... how long are these CVs sitting in queue for this to happen? Server Pop 3000-4000.. so this is not the reason.
  5. KillStealz

    Rank Salt with RNG BS

    Its been a while since your last serious rant Yobbo... i was starting to worry!
  6. KillStealz

    CV Queue Times

    Got an instant queue with this today, our CV suicide himself when he was overrun by fishing div... point is one CV was obviously in queue for a very long time. Not a very enjoyable game WG, please fix CV queue time and MM rules. Or most happy for you to just remove CV from the game entirely.. 2018 year of the NO CV!
  7. Perhaps you should read the OPs post again and maybe you will understand why some of us responded the way we did. I agree CB time should be extended, I'm up early after CBs 4 nights a week but i'm still enjoying it. There's a way to go about providing feedback.. threats and calling WG racist isn't the way to go about it.
  8. They can never please everyone, no matter what CB time they come up with... so do you think they should work it around the majority of players or the minority. Based on your reply's you think the minority... logic! Try to be a bit understanding of the whole situation, i have a feeling they will try slightly earlier times next season but will be 9-10pm start best case.
  9. I'm in East Coast Australia and really enjoying clan battles, CB time is 11pm - 2am which i understand might be late for some people but surely you can stay up until midnight Cinderella and get a few games in... You do realise the player population for Aus/NZ is WAAAY lower than mid Asia region.. and yet you want WG to focus clan battles time around you. Your entitlement is beyond me. WG have said they will review clan battle times for next season based on feedback, so i suggest you put your dummy back in your mouth and provide them with constructive feedback.. not this dummy spit tantrum.
  10. KillStealz

    Unintentional kill stealing

    Intentional Kill Stealing is the only way to roll... pad those stats!!
  11. Can anyone confirm if this has been fully fixed yet? Thanks.
  12. KillStealz

    Automated chatban

    I think the issue here is that the chat ban system doesn't consider what you actually said, rather that if you receive enough reports it automatically bans you regardless. Knowing that you have received a few of these chat bans already Wong, i bet someone only needs to sneeze a misbehavior in chat report at you and you get banned again.
  13. Playing Hipper/Eugen is a real task in a 9/10 battle, nobody takes you as a real threat because of your low DPM when they are angled, you will often just spam meh HE and only get one AP salvo while your target turns away because of your slow reload (of which the AP can troll you), and one mistake and your deleted or focused down because you often cant go dark with 11.5km concealment and everyone knows your just a meal. Compared this to playing in the Atago (concealment, armor, heal, good HE), Kutuzov (Smoke & IFHE), Edinburgh (Smoke, Maneuverability & Troll AP) , Chap (Radar, IFHE & Concealment) and even now New Orleans (9.1km concealment, Maneuverability, Radar, Troll AP & Solid HE) is so much easier. Fact is if I'm in a T8+ BB or even CA I laugh at a Hipper/Eugen... no threat what so ever, can be outplayed so easily. If i see a Kutuzov, etc however that gets my attention. Even the Roon/Hinden i find myself spamming HE most of the time... is this how the "AP Specialist" line should be played? I would like to see a KM CA T8-10 AP shell buff at least tested on the PTS, cos right now playing the Hipper/Eugen especially is just dead weight to your team unless your playing broadside potatoes or top tier which is not very often. An extra 2mm of bow armor isn't going to change any of this.
  14. With tier 8 seeing so much tier 10 matching making don't disagree with the heal buff, only problem is when they are top tier against tier 6 this would kind of be OP like it is currently with Atago and Mik (not heal but smoke which is as good as). Was expecting something more like AP Shell performance or a concealment buff... 25 to 27mm bow armor changes nothing except a handfull of BBs being unable to overmatch anymore.