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  1. TepidusLegend

    Stein's Band of Casuls

    GMT+ 7 I'm a bad player so feel free to invite me if you need some confidence
  2. TepidusLegend

    Share your Torpedo Beats

    My life feels complete
  3. TepidusLegend

    Share your Torpedo Beats

  4. TepidusLegend

    What is your best money maker?

    Budyonny. Play your cards right with it and nothing can stop you
  5. TepidusLegend

    AniManga Chat :E

    Oh no... There's gonna be pirate hunters soon and they're one of us. Well, this is it I think. It was a good run to have watched all of the freebies that I managed to see before this comes in. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/06/20/japanese-government-hires-official-pirate-hunter-to-search-internet-for-illegal-anime-uploads/
  6. TepidusLegend

    More Paintjobs! More Customization!

    IIRC, in *bleep* Thunder you can put decals on your vehicles. I kinda, want us being able to do that as well here in WoWS
  7. TepidusLegend

    which is better russian or german

    You see Shinji, it's in tier VIII so it's kinda... more justified. I'm just wondering why WG gave so many boons to a tier VI ship.
  8. TepidusLegend

    which is better russian or german

    I'm kinda upset that WG pretty much ignored my petition to nerf Budyonny.
  9. TepidusLegend

    So I need help with Cruisers

    My German stone Friend. Try Budyonny! She is an awesome BB roaster in long range, whilst being a DD nightmare and Cruiser murderer in close range with her Awesome Soviet guns. She's everything a cruiser needs~
  10. TepidusLegend

    Low tier BB and CA

    Well um, as a CA player. I'd say that destroyers are more OP in lower tiers. Cruisers have to risk being citadeled to death whilst destroyers can just waltz in and do a torpedo run since lower tier BBs are underpowered
  11. TepidusLegend

    german BBs

    So, how about German DDs. I can't play Battleships at all
  12. TepidusLegend

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    I'm dying from all the puns
  13. TepidusLegend

    DD balancing at it's best

    You destroyer captains can laugh when there's no russian cruisers in the enemy team. But as soon as a Budyonny or a Shchors spots you, good luck surviving that kind of encounter
  14. TepidusLegend

    Share your Torpedo Beats

    Good luck one-upping this one