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  1. FireManDG

    Technical issues found.

    just reload a few times, things will click... thats what i did anyway!
  2. FireManDG

    Royal Navy Containers

    I've earned approx 10-12 and purchased 20 more. No DD's or missions in the purchased ones. lots of British camo and 15 Guineas and bunch of assorted flags... I got the Acosta in my 2nd earned container....
  3. FireManDG


    I’m missing a few collectables from the 2 year anniversary and north cape collections. In the recent arsenal video update I saw containers relating to these two. Will they be available to finish in the upcoming patch? Thanks FireManDG (1NATN)
  4. FireManDG

    Missing torpedo anyone??

    Found this enemy torpedo just sailing by. It was visible for about 5 minutes if i recall correctly. It even sailed through the islands. Screenshot time is from Australian eastern time (File name) if you want to try track down the match file. Good luck! 20180808_162024_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  5. FireManDG

    Special tasks 0.7.6

    I often miss what a special task is for the game/match until the end or when i die. Is there a way of finding it out during the game via a keystroke?? Thanks
  6. FireManDG

    Defensive destroyers?

    Not every torpedo was 100% reliable but rather a few duds ended up in the ammo racks. Maybe WG are going to throw in a dud torp or two on upcoming patches to help the British DD’s Cope....... oh hang on, Pommy Torps proved to be more unreliable didn’t they.....dam it ....back to the drawing board!
  7. FireManDG

    Free Freedom Container

    Cheers. I’ll open it next logon for a battle..... reading forums on my ph while I wait for a meeting!
  8. FireManDG

    Can't connect to server

    But its only 1.54am UTC time right now...another 10 hours perhaps 18......Oh dear! Guess I'll go talk to the wife ;-)
  9. FireManDG

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    FireManDG gib santa box plox For some reason i get heavily HE'd?? Maybe its because I used to be a fireman????
  10. FireManDG

    Frequent Disconnections

    No, it happens to me every game I load, it disconnects andI have to connect so it reloads, I then get into the game and it disconnects again....I eventually get to the end of the countdown, hit some keys and guess what, it disconnects again for another connection reload and hen I find I'm able to play....So glad I haven't purchased this game outright! The troubleshoot page is crap too...just has tanks help...