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  1. Warhamsterxxx

    New balance ideas

    WG will introduce Thundersub in patch 9.8. It's basically a CV that can go under water, fly into space, and has 27 inch energy weapons. It's gonna be a T6 Russian CA with BB armor and DD surface concealment.
  2. Warhamsterxxx

    How are your Clan Battles going ?

    Welp. We're a casual clan and we only have 1 player who has a T10 CV in port. He's not that good (just maybe good enough) a CV player, and he doesn't particularly enjoy the class, so we went battle ship. We went 9 wins vs 4 losses last night, including a 7 game win streak. We lost to a clan that had 2 Stals and a PR, with their CV. The other 2 losses were against BB clans. The last loss was the one time we used our CV. If your clan mates know their roles, a BB set up can be very effective. We found it particularly easy to win against clans that had CV and a DD. Just remember that using a CV means that you will lack one surface ship for close in fighting. And if you herd together, you can mitigate the effectiveness of a carrier. Push hard with the BB, and enemy CAs have no hope to stop you, unless they've got multiple Balansgrads. It is also possible that the teams with the 2 to 6 Stalingrads in their ports have all moved up into the higher leagues. Maybe that's why me and my clan mates had a good run last night. Anyway, I'm not going to say that BBs are better than CVs. But just based on our experience, we prefer BB over CV. Additional edit: We don't have any of the top super cruisers. We only have Yoshis available, and we did not bother using them. The tankiest ships we sported other than the BB are our Moskvas.
  3. Warhamsterxxx

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    The new CV-DD meta has seen the birth of a new breed of DD. Shimas, Benhams, Gearings, and Sommers that stick near the cruisers and BBs and try to spam torps from 10 to 20km away, never actually coming near the enemy line. When you get one of these ships on your team, expect that your team will die camping behind islands while the enemy long range HE spammers farm you unmolested, and the CV is too busy on the other flank to help.
  4. Warhamsterxxx

    Why are we not funding this - BOT POLICE

    Captcha on the "report bot" function?
  5. Warhamsterxxx

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    Weird things happening since the Halloween thing and Twilight battles. 1. Game crashes. Screen stays in game. the Game Center error message comes up. I can alt-tab and press the windows start key and ctrl-alt-delete and start the task manager. But I can't switch to the other apps on my PC. It's like stuck in WOWs limbo. I have to ctrl-alt-delete and restart the PC. This happened to me three times today. Didn't have problems yesterday or the day before, or the day before that. 2. Twilight battle bug. I was playing Crocosaur, when suddenly, the ship left me. You know when you're dead in-game and you follow a team mate on chase view. Then you press shift. It was like that. Only I wasn't dead. and the ship still responded to keyboard commands. but I had no camera control and my ship was moving away from me.
  6. Warhamsterxxx

    Experimental Des Moines Build

    It is a nice perk, but yeah, EL is more of a luxury than a necessity. Nice to have, but you probably wouldn't miss it that much if you didn't have it. This is probably one skill I can leave out.
  7. Warhamsterxxx

    Experimental Des Moines Build

    Yeah. I'm a bit of a noob and my comfort level is with IFA. You have a point with BFT though as AA gameplay now relies more on active maneuvering. Or if I'm that paranoid about CVs, I could always load in DFAA.
  8. Warhamsterxxx

    Experimental Des Moines Build

    I kinda need the incoming fire alert so i can dodge shells. BFT for AA. To get radio location, I might give up superintendent and expert loader. I'll play around with it when they implement the free reskill for clan battles. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Warhamsterxxx

    Experimental Des Moines Build

    Just recently tried this build. It's been fun so far. Seems effective. Just wondering what you experts think. So the build uses the legendary mod, rudder mod 3, propulsion mod 2, aim mod 1, radar upgrade, and damacon upgrade. Skills on my captain: Priority Target, Expert Loader, Incoming Fire Alert, Jack Of All Trades, Expert Marksman, Adrenalin Rush, BFT, Superintendent, Concealment Expert. Consumables: All premium. Hydro and Radar. Sometimes, I switch to DFAA. I do a lot of island camping (as usual) and quick repositioning thanks to the high mobility of the build. Nothing new there. But the ship has now become a much better open water battler, mostly kiting as you all might imagine. The 15.8 km range of the build is a bit of a limitation, but then again it's much easier to disengage with a 15.8 km gun range. The trade off is my concealment is now at 12.1 km vs 10.6 km with concealment mod. The ship accelerates faster than a DD, with 4.1 sec rudder shift. I'm actually able to dodge shells like a DD from mid range (11km) and up, except of course high velocity vodka fueled Russian shells. I tried this build because a lot of the new maps have a lot of open water areas and I inevitably have to get out from behind the islands and fight without cover. Anyway, looking forward to some opinions on the build.
  10. Warhamsterxxx

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    I just got Sims from 12 anniv super containers. I also got 2000 dubs, 21 days of premium, 15k coal, and 1.5k steel. Happy 4th anniv, WOWs.
  11. Warhamsterxxx

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    So I came up against a Midway with a pretty interesting strategy once again, working around the imbalance of the CVs. He'd send a rocket squadron out. Drop a salvo quick. With the remaining planes do a run on me (I was using a semi AA Hindy: BFT, AA mod 1, Fighter planes). Then I guess he'd press the F key and go away. I dealt something like 51k damage to planes in that game but only got 4 plane kills. I'm not sure how he configured himself. I'm guessing speed boosts and armor, because once he pressed F, a new squadron would be on me again in 20 secs. And it was just that repetitive mind numbing consistent 6 to 7k damage that I can do absolutely nothing about. I wanted to give this rework a chance. I was honestly excited when the initial WIPs were showing on the CC channels. But damn, this is just broken. DD play has been crapped on. BBs can't do nothing. CAs are easy pickings, even the ones with supposedly great AA. I have nothing to suggest. Playing against CVs just isn't fun.
  12. Warhamsterxxx

    CV still too OP

    I was playing my Monty. Enemy Haku just kept AP dive bombing me for 18k. I had no counterplay. No dodging. My AA was largely ineffective. Even having fighter planes wasn't of any real help. That's a frikkin monty. Isn't AA the USN flavor?
  13. Warhamsterxxx

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    I really think this needs to be addressed. I understand why WG went with unlimited planes. So that CVs can still influence the fight late in the game rather than sailing around as target practice for every other type of ship. But here's the thing. Now CVs just don't care how many planes they lose. It's no problem to them. WG needs to tweak this so that losing planes become a sort of concern of r CV players. Otherwise, they stay in a far corner. Not afraid of their ship being shot at, and not caring that their planes are lost. Now if you can't limit the number of planes CVs have, you should make it much harder for them to regenerate planes. The important thing is CVs should care about losing planes. It kinda gets stupid that I can shoot down 52 planes and they still just keep on coming.
  14. Warhamsterxxx

    Reporting lag issues

    Also seeing a lot of FPS drop. Happens especially when zooming in and out. I've had to lower all my graphics settings. I don't use a high end gaming rig, but this was not a problem in the previous patch.
  15. Warhamsterxxx

    We Were All Noobs Once

    I don't care much for people trying to make a distinction between "noobs" and "newbs". It's a game. People could be new. People could be just making mistakes. People could just be not as good. If judging people by their skill level is the way you make yourself feel better, then you've got issues. That guy you're telling to uninstall or go co-op probably has other things in his life other than sinking thousands of hours into the game. Remember. Some of us play and spend on this game to have fun, and to de-stress from our other responsibilities. All that said, I'm an OK player at best. 45% win rate. But I am getting better. I was 39% when I hit my first 2000 games. I don't mind people seeing my record. But I wanna warn you I'm not as stupid as I used to play, and your 65% win rate means nothing if you get sunk by a noob like me. Pressure's on you, not on me. What I wouldn't mind going away from the game are people with really poor sportsmanship.