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  1. UltimaBasti

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    So I came up against a Midway with a pretty interesting strategy once again, working around the imbalance of the CVs. He'd send a rocket squadron out. Drop a salvo quick. With the remaining planes do a run on me (I was using a semi AA Hindy: BFT, AA mod 1, Fighter planes). Then I guess he'd press the F key and go away. I dealt something like 51k damage to planes in that game but only got 4 plane kills. I'm not sure how he configured himself. I'm guessing speed boosts and armor, because once he pressed F, a new squadron would be on me again in 20 secs. And it was just that repetitive mind numbing consistent 6 to 7k damage that I can do absolutely nothing about. I wanted to give this rework a chance. I was honestly excited when the initial WIPs were showing on the CC channels. But damn, this is just broken. DD play has been crapped on. BBs can't do nothing. CAs are easy pickings, even the ones with supposedly great AA. I have nothing to suggest. Playing against CVs just isn't fun.
  2. UltimaBasti

    CV still too OP

    I was playing my Monty. Enemy Haku just kept AP dive bombing me for 18k. I had no counterplay. No dodging. My AA was largely ineffective. Even having fighter planes wasn't of any real help. That's a frikkin monty. Isn't AA the USN flavor?
  3. UltimaBasti

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    I really think this needs to be addressed. I understand why WG went with unlimited planes. So that CVs can still influence the fight late in the game rather than sailing around as target practice for every other type of ship. But here's the thing. Now CVs just don't care how many planes they lose. It's no problem to them. WG needs to tweak this so that losing planes become a sort of concern of r CV players. Otherwise, they stay in a far corner. Not afraid of their ship being shot at, and not caring that their planes are lost. Now if you can't limit the number of planes CVs have, you should make it much harder for them to regenerate planes. The important thing is CVs should care about losing planes. It kinda gets stupid that I can shoot down 52 planes and they still just keep on coming.
  4. UltimaBasti

    Reporting lag issues

    Also seeing a lot of FPS drop. Happens especially when zooming in and out. I've had to lower all my graphics settings. I don't use a high end gaming rig, but this was not a problem in the previous patch.
  5. UltimaBasti

    We Were All Noobs Once

    I don't care much for people trying to make a distinction between "noobs" and "newbs". It's a game. People could be new. People could be just making mistakes. People could just be not as good. If judging people by their skill level is the way you make yourself feel better, then you've got issues. That guy you're telling to uninstall or go co-op probably has other things in his life other than sinking thousands of hours into the game. Remember. Some of us play and spend on this game to have fun, and to de-stress from our other responsibilities. All that said, I'm an OK player at best. 45% win rate. But I am getting better. I was 39% when I hit my first 2000 games. I don't mind people seeing my record. But I wanna warn you I'm not as stupid as I used to play, and your 65% win rate means nothing if you get sunk by a noob like me. Pressure's on you, not on me. What I wouldn't mind going away from the game are people with really poor sportsmanship.
  6. UltimaBasti

    Is Aim Assist back?

    Agreed. That's why I didn't bother with accusing anybody. But, I am a sore loser. So I did the Google search. This is not so much about the game I played, but I am reporting the link I found.
  7. UltimaBasti

    Is Aim Assist back?

    Yeah. I'm not that good. But I got citadelled by a Monty at 21km. In two consecutive volleys while I was angled away (I was trying to disengage but planes had me spotted). Weaving didn't help. I was using Ibuki. The Monty could have been that good, or I could have been that bad. Of course, I couldn't shake the idea of an aim assist, because I am not a very good loser. So I searched on Google. I saw this. https://hags-club.com/hag/126/world_of_warships_hacks Hope WG handles this. Yeah, I still need to git gud.
  8. Hmmm... thanks for the advice. I will try those tips. I can see your point. CVs will tend to chase after threat DDs. If they're convinced that a DD will just stay in a passive position, they might leave the DD alone for tastier targets. On the other hand, when a CV goes all out to take me out, he can't usually take me out fast enough and that specific CV wastes time and energy and becomes less a factor in the overall battle. So yeah, I eventually get taken out, sometimes with what seems to be minimal contribution to the effort, but if the team plays it right, they get to exploit the absence of one of the CVs.
  9. DD life has gotten tough. Immediately after the rework, it was OK. But I guess the CV players have started getting to know the new Meta and have started exploiting the inherent flaws of the new system. Currently, it's been hard to be aggressive in a DD. I try, but more often than not, the CVs tend to continuously harass me with rocket planes. One advantage with the new meta is that BBs and CAs tend to clump together behind a cap or some rocks. And if I can get through to a spot where I can send torps in their general direction, I can score a lot of blind torp hits. I once scored 6 torp hits with an opening salvo in my Gearing. I got to a position behind the line of scrimmage and the CVs luckily never sent planes my way. Sunk one battle ship. Crippled a Harugumo and Wooster. Enemy kinda unraveled after that with torp drops from our CVs. Disclaimer: I'm not an expert player, at all. I'm shit most of the time, and occasionally I have an outstanding game.
  10. UltimaBasti

    War Gaming Center

    I'm getting a "critical error" report with no details. Just gives me a choice to terminate or restart. Either option, the launcher will create an error report (in a zip file). I don't know where to send it nor do I know how to interpret the data. I am getting very frustrated.
  11. UltimaBasti

    Bravest team ever

    Wow... some of the other screen caps. Dear lord.... I swear some of these players are 6 year olds who managed to get into Dad's PC and take the Yamato out for a spin.
  12. UltimaBasti

    Bravest team ever

    Hahahahaha. Gotta balance it out. You'll go insane if you expect too much from random players.
  13. UltimaBasti

    Bravest team ever

    Hmmm... I'll try the battle DD build in my Amagi. Detect range of 15km. Perfect.
  14. UltimaBasti

    Bravest team ever

    I'm just lolling at the whole thing. My expectations of randoms aren't very high.
  15. UltimaBasti

    Bravest team ever

    Map screen of a battle I had earlier. Everybody just ran behind A. That's me alone at C, trying to hold off a Donskoi and 2 NCs. Later on, they would be joined by a Fiji and an Akatsuki. I managed to sink the Akatsuki, and land several good hits on both NCs. With 1 min to go, only the Fiji and their CV were alive but we lost due to points... 890 to 562. I've never seen such wanton cowardice. Good grief.