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  1. Rincully


    I have been in this game for a long while ( I think from the beginning ) and I still do not like ships disappearing I have the same problem with tanks how can you rationalise a warship or a 40 ton tank disappearing?
  2. Rincully

    dissapearing ships

    Thanks Haku
  3. Rincully

    dissapearing ships

    Is anyone else getting sick of hidden ships You get them lined uo they dissapear No real vessel does this comments please from captains and developers RIN
  5. Rincully


    These Plans show three turrets x 2 guns three sets torps
  6. Dam there are some greedy people out there You have been playing game for ages when others would have killed to get in Be gratfull
  7. Rincully


    I am currently building a scratch model of the Kirisame Has anyone seen or heard of this vessel I am working from an old plan Rin
  8. Rincully

    Favourite Battle scenario

    Nothing to hide behind or perhaps no gunnery skill
  9. My fav would be no Islands, all Battle ships Just slug it out and rely on gunnery skill
  10. Rincully

    1572 BattleShips

    as a retired bloke I build model warships (wooden) These things sailed better backwards than forwards. The French had the best ships English better trained crews Their gunnery skills where amazing They would skip shot off water like a stone to get shot in gun doors
  11. Rincully

    Congratulation on the new cbt testers!

    Im a new tester Thanks This game is great even better if I new what I was doing My grandson says I suk at Tanks wait till he sees this Rincully
  12. Rincully


    Is there a tutorial in game if so where?
  13. Rincully

    1572 BattleShips

    Derek They where designed on the shape of a mullet The thinking was that because a fish was this shape a ship would move as good Look at the Bounty fancy pushing that bow through a heavy sea
  14. Rincully

    1572 BattleShips

    Im a ship modeller 15-17 century ships They sailed better backwards than forwards
  15. Rincully


    We had experience here in my home town when the I21 and fort scratchley exchanged gunfire I think it was the only time land based guns and sub based guns exchanged fire I could be wrong but I think it is correct