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  1. cactus351

    Signal Flag Contest

    So which modes count?
  2. Nothing like letting complaints from evil dictatorial regimes set your policy. About free nations right to exist. Way to go WG, another one to chalk up on your fail wall.
  3. cactus351

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    After playing WOT since beta on NA, I gave it up when SEA CW was killed by a lot of issues. CW keep me playing WOT for years and years and I loved it. I only came back recently to give WOWS a second go and learn to play properly because CW was coming..... now it turns out its really not (At least for me) Way to retain your long term customers!
  4. cactus351

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Would it be acceptable for someone to post up that they were using an aimbot? No that's going to be seen as an exploit. Just like this. So you can say its being honest all you want , its still knowingly exploiting the game. Bring back the neg.
  5. cactus351

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I gave up for a bit, then came back. FIrst game has three in a row top tier bb all doing it down one side. X button. Will give it till next patch then Im uninstalling. I simply cant understand why WG released this game with this issue and still hasnt fixed it.
  6. cactus351

    blue line fix

    This seems like a good idea. Or simply announce it WG as cheating and game ban every [content removed] doing it. Had the final four ships all doing it last night in one corner. Makes the whole game seem pointless kiddy cod like. Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned. ~dead_man_walking
  7. cactus351

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I simply will not play anything but PVE mode till there is a fix, and PVE mode is getting old fast and slow.