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  1. Kaminari1

    Imperator Nikolai is totally underpowered

    Also needs to be T2 or it's completely unbalanced.
  2. Kaminari1

    Lesser Super Containers?

    750 det flags 250 speed flags 250 flood flags 250 fire flags 50k EXP 250% salty
  3. Kaminari1

    A Stolen Seagal!

    I believe the Seagal is a US captain so see if your US ships have him
  4. Kaminari1

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Minotaur - 3233 base xp (why arent my spoiler tags working)
  5. Kaminari1

    Checkerboard Display Error?

    Try update your GPU drivers
  6. Kaminari1

    Some amaing experience

    Naming and shaming and mentioning an illegal modification. Mayhaps you should edit the thread before redpen? It's not that hard to shoot someone in smoke. I triple citadelled a Neptune in smoke earlier with my Montana.
  7. Kaminari1

    British cruisers are garbage

    I love my Minotaur And the line past T6
  8. I missed getting the flag last month because I had no computer. Me wants it bad.
  9. Kaminari1

    HE spamming Amagi's

    Better to do some damage with HE against angled ships than to bounce all your shells with AP and do no damage. It's situational.
  10. Kaminari1

    Crashing - failed to create vertex buffer

    Check ram and gpu utilization. Close any unnecessary programs and try turning your graphic settings down. Having them too high can use too much vram. My GTX680 with 2gb vram crashed every game until i turned down my graphics.
  11. Kaminari1

    Premium Shop

    Afaik, it's not impossible but its hard to do, so they don't do it. As for the shop....... get used to it :^)
  12. Kaminari1

    PSA: Please talk more in battles.

    [][][][] [] [][][] SMOKE CA BB [][][] [][][] [][][][][][] [] [][][][][] My life in ranked
  13. Great, a reason to get captain level 16 or my two dd + Atlanta captains will have a useless skill...
  14. Kaminari1


  15. Kaminari1

    SuperTester special flag

    I use mine as a universal "SHOOT ME I TEST SHEEPS" beacon.