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  1. Like many others, I'm waiting for my chance to get hands on CBT. I could submit my application so I'm quite hopeful. Anyway, for entire last week, I was so hyped about this game that I overdid my attention. I checked my e-mail approximately 30 times a day, rechecked WoWS facebook and twitter dozens times, and visiting this forum so many times that I lost counts. I haven't been able to do my study adequately during free time just for the sake of all these checkings.. All of these overhypes.. need to be stopped. I know WG wants us to be hyped. I know its facebook and twitter accounts trying hard to PR this game and get people to be hyped. But OVERHYPE can be harmful to anyone. At least it is hurting me badly. I even dream about playing WoWS these days. When I woke up from those dreams, I feel so bad that almost bursting into rage. The truth that something I want so much is not in my grasp... is just freaking terrible. If I keep doing this, I would be hospitalized. So, I solicit anyone who is being tormented with overhype; Let's forget this game until we can play. Let's stop begging for codes. There is no reason to belive that begging or overhype will give us real chance. WG would never receive newcomers if this testing phase can't handle it. Please, don't waste your precious everyday in meaningless e-mail checking or "give me the code" thing. Your life is PRICELESS. Let's be civilized and live our lives.
  2. Grayghost04

    Anyone experiencing Long-range hitting lag?

    Thx for input. Until I hear this, I recognized same problem from 50ms-100ms users. Now, I believe this is cleary a glitch within server calculations. Hope St. Petersburg got on for fix.
  3. Grayghost04

    The Yamoto seems misplaced at T10

    From dev QnAs, it is clear what the dev want on as their T10 battleship choice. For JPN : Yamato, for USN : Montanna. I seriously doubt that they would downtier these two. Essex can be replaced by Midway, because Midway would be a perfect example as T10 carrier. And I think Yamato and Montanna have sturdy places as T10 BBs.
  4. Grayghost04

    I'm sure this is a wrong description

    I agree. Still, I ponder that this is a really weird mis-translation. And maybe.. refreshing? I laughed quite a lot when I saw that description first, it alleviated my sorrow that I can't play CBT because of late apply.
  5. Please, see the attached image file. Yes, Defensive Fire is a unique skill for Crusiers. But can crusier's DP guns shoot down incoming topedoes? I highly doubt that... XD
  6. Though I'm not a tester, I'm trying hard to follow up the sequence. I heard that some testers complaining about Long-range(10km+) engagements. They said even though their adjustments were correct and could see rounds were hitting enemy right there, it didn't inflict any damage nor hit. And then, some of them tried far longer drag on their shot adjustments, so in their screen rounds were hitting the sea far in front of their targets. In these cases, it worked. Even though shots were drowned to the sea in their screen, they were inflicting damage! I guess this problem happens because Server is calculating hits and damages. When I heard it first, I suspect it is casued by bad ping. But they said they didn't experience any spiked ping and it works fine at shorter range. I think this can be quite a pain for BB users. Anyone experienced this happening? And how do you think about that?
  7. I think they should give codes all the people who rtd. Around 500 people is not something CBT server can't deal with. Teasing with limited number of winners is just not a good tactics...
  8. Grayghost04

    PT Boats in WOW

    I heard that in russian dev QnA, devs talked about a possibility of implementing 'Submarines' and it made russian forum so flammable. I think discussions about if we can have PT boats will be meaningful after we hear if submarines will be introduced or not.
  9. Grayghost04

    Never Leave a Flank Open.

    Outmaneuvering in WoWs is so looks fun and rewarding.
  10. Grayghost04

    idea for torps

    I think it's too early to implement 'malfunctioning rounds'. It can make balancing too complicated.
  11. Grayghost04

    Fire support mission idea?

    Hello, I'm just an another waiting applicant for CBT I was thinking about an idea to implement fire support mission in WoWS game mode. I mean, as many people know, tremendous fire powers of warships played great role in amphibious assaults of WW 2.(Even a destroyer's guns did crucial part at the Omaha beach!) So, I guessed, maybe this game mode can be fun; one team takes a role of attacker, and the other team poise as a defender. The attackers must eliminate variable ground or air(?!) targets in a limited time to win. The defenders should disrupt that. Adding amphibious assault ships(AIs) to attackers also can be interesting. Overall, I want to reenact some great landing operations over Philiphines and Iwo Jima. Surely, there will be many issues on this game mode. Like, hitting the AIs aren't fun(but enemy team's gonna try to crush you while you are doing that!), balancing, etc. But I think it is possible that this mission get people to more mission-oriented, making game more fast-paced. If your enemies don't want to engage you and keeping on their 'Stat farming' or survival, you can simply eliminate all 'targets' and end a match quickly. At this stage, getting new ships and maps for PVP is a very important task. But I believe keep squeezing ideas about new game modes is also valuable. I hope CBT players make out some great ideas to improve the game.