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  1. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    There are around 40 percent of the battles where no matter how hard you throw, your team will carry you since it is a 12v12 match; There are around 40 percent of the battles where no matter how hard you carry, your team will throw like the bunch of glue-sniffing idiots they are. The rest 20 percent is up to you to decide whether the game wins or not. This is why all unicums have a solo wr of around 60 percent and most AFK bots or really really bad players (intentional TKers excluded) have a solo wr of around 40 percent. >encouters 1 match in the latter 40 percent of games >WR mEANS nOTHING mM iS rIGGED
  2. Fluffy_Zubzub

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Chinese bad Korean good !!!11!1111! How dare you question this man with his impeccable logic and evidence you clearly just need to gitgud. /s
  3. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    I m going down Grozovoi line sooo I don't think that's quite relevant. But thanks for the tip
  4. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Is superintendent really that important on RU DDs? I have SI on all cruisers because extra hydro/AA and heal. But DDs dont really rely on consumables that much (especially RU DD don't rely on smoke)
  5. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    I guess making Udaloi tankier is also viable (dama-con)
  6. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Thanks for the advice! I am quite familar with RU DD playstyle so I m sure I will enjoy her
  7. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Pummel those poor, poor cruisers into oblivion with glorious stalinium vodka-infused AP rounds!! And yes, on second thought, switching ammo type is quite important
  8. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    And also, thanks for the advice. I really look forward to getting a Grozovoi
  9. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Can I swap out EL for PT? I believe both guns on Udaloi and Grozovoi reload pretty darn fast so switching ammo type wouldn't be a problem.
  10. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Udaloi build?

    Hi fellow captains! As the title says, I am quite close to Udaloi right now (140k exp in my Ognevoi and loving her). I didn't manage to get her before the line split, so I need some advice on her captain and module build. Current capt: 16 pts PM, PT, LS, BFT, AFT, CE with 1pt lying around and enough doubs to reset if needed. I am planning to put reload module on her T9+ slot and concealment module on her T8+ slot. I would prefer a mid-range gun-torp hybrid build but seeing her concealment is not as good as Ognevoi, I also need some playstyle advice. Good luck and fair seas to you all kind souls in advance!
  11. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    Aye aye capt!
  12. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    That should do it. Edited to get rid of inappropriate languages. (family-friendly forum, eh? )
  13. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    I thought he is a moderator of some kind....(some forum-ers did remind me there is no fun allowed in the forum tho)
  14. Fluffy_Zubzub

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    Well...I should have checked the rules. My bad :(