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  1. Adorable_Yukari

    WG owes us coal from crates

    Santa: What do you want for Christmas young man? Me: I want a girlfriend. Santa: Be realistic please Me: I want to play wows for 1 month without some sort of massive game-breaking bugs or disconnection issues or other PR disasters. Santa: ......How tall do you want your girlfriend?
  2. Adorable_Yukari

    Asia gets skrewed again

    We need to let more people (especially WG SEA staffs and mods) see this. As argued in a similar thread, if this issue is not responded swiftly and appropriately on WG SEA's side, this is a huge PR disaster in the makings.
  3. Adorable_Yukari

    What a let-down, Wargaming.

    something something SEA getting the short end of the stick. But on a more serious note, we did not recieve ANY compensation such as extra CW time after the disruption (only some containers were not really good enough given the length of disruption and the fact that it coincided with CW time costing dozens of clans their hard-fought victories) and now there is this fiasco surrounding CW missions and the frighteningly disappointing inactivity of WG SEA to seek support for its own players. I would argue that if nothing is done swiftly and appropriately on WG SEA's side, this would be another massive PR disaster in the makings.
  4. Adorable_Yukari

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    There are around 40 percent of the battles where no matter how hard you throw, your team will carry you since it is a 12v12 match; There are around 40 percent of the battles where no matter how hard you carry, your team will throw like the bunch of glue-sniffing idiots they are. The rest 20 percent is up to you to decide whether the game wins or not. This is why all unicums have a solo wr of around 60 percent and most AFK bots or really really bad players (intentional TKers excluded) have a solo wr of around 40 percent. >encouters 1 match in the latter 40 percent of games >WR mEANS nOTHING mM iS rIGGED
  5. Adorable_Yukari

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Chinese bad Korean good !!!11!1111! How dare you question this man with his impeccable logic and evidence you clearly just need to gitgud. /s
  6. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    I m going down Grozovoi line sooo I don't think that's quite relevant. But thanks for the tip
  7. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    Is superintendent really that important on RU DDs? I have SI on all cruisers because extra hydro/AA and heal. But DDs dont really rely on consumables that much (especially RU DD don't rely on smoke)
  8. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    I guess making Udaloi tankier is also viable (dama-con)
  9. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    Thanks for the advice! I am quite familar with RU DD playstyle so I m sure I will enjoy her
  10. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    Pummel those poor, poor cruisers into oblivion with glorious stalinium vodka-infused AP rounds!! And yes, on second thought, switching ammo type is quite important
  11. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    And also, thanks for the advice. I really look forward to getting a Grozovoi
  12. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    Can I swap out EL for PT? I believe both guns on Udaloi and Grozovoi reload pretty darn fast so switching ammo type wouldn't be a problem.
  13. Adorable_Yukari

    Udaloi build?

    Hi fellow captains! As the title says, I am quite close to Udaloi right now (140k exp in my Ognevoi and loving her). I didn't manage to get her before the line split, so I need some advice on her captain and module build. Current capt: 16 pts PM, PT, LS, BFT, AFT, CE with 1pt lying around and enough doubs to reset if needed. I am planning to put reload module on her T9+ slot and concealment module on her T8+ slot. I would prefer a mid-range gun-torp hybrid build but seeing her concealment is not as good as Ognevoi, I also need some playstyle advice. Good luck and fair seas to you all kind souls in advance!
  14. Adorable_Yukari

    Glorious moment for us cruiserkind

    Aye aye capt!