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  1. Hi everyone I cant work this one out and did a search in the forums and on google with no luck. So I joined the latest public test game and got it installed using my currant email address and password which created a new account for the public test. I want to change my player name but obviously when I log in, it's my main user account with the correct user name. So I'm guessing the public test comes under something else and not WOW Asia but what? I've tried https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/ which comes up when you click on "claim Your Rewards" on the game launcher, this login doesn't work. Please help and I'm guessing it's something silly and easy. 🙂 Cheers
  2. HMASOnslow

    hey my Rant

    Well since you mentioned it blankrang I have noticed this too but only sometimes where the disperse is real bad but only sometimes but maybe they using all you can to get this. Signals, commander points etc. It makes you feel like your having a real bad playing day where others comment on you being a noob! lol