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  1. Foxyaway

    Detection Through lslands

    First time ever finding out what Proxy Spotting even was lol
  2. Foxyaway

    Detection Through lslands

    Cheers for that, Ive been playing since the game first released and never knew about that proxy thing lol.
  3. Is this a bug or something that is suppose to happen, its not a one off either as I have experienced this many times on different maps even with DDs
  4. Foxyaway

    World of Battleships

    Lately since the latest patch I have been alot of MM where there are alot more Battleships than anything else. Im not complaining as I enjoy using all classes of ships. One such MM I had recently, my name is pink because I shot a friendly cruiser point blank as he rammed my side just as I fired at a enemy yamato.
  5. Foxyaway

    Shells straight up

    I loved how the yamato missed me point blank because of this bug im sure he was thinking wtf
  6. Foxyaway

    Shells straight up

    what couldnt u hear? did u turn the volume up?
  7. Foxyaway

    Shells straight up

    lol a stupid bug watch closely as the Yamato missed me point blank
  8. Foxyaway

    Migrating ships from another server

    Where abouts from Perth are you from? Im from Rockingham Im up to tier 10 ships
  9. Foxyaway

    Benson launching guided missiles ingame

    I kept getting hit by there while in the montana they were coming from a yamato
  10. Foxyaway

    Free xp Calculator?

    Is there a Calculator I can use? I have 1,114,902 free xp I want to convert but I want to know how much money it will take Thank you
  11. Foxyaway

    Gameplay experience

    When ever I push in a BB I have to play around with torps coming at me from all directions, alot of BB players wont push due to the fact we get very little support from our team
  12. Foxyaway


    Who else has had one of those wtf moments when you detonate? this is mine If its blurry I dont know why. It was recorded in 1440p with Shadow play and uploaded in full HD
  13. Foxyaway

    Just a quick question about tking

    so why wasnt he turned pink even though he shot me first?
  14. Foxyaway

    HMAS Perth seen in action

    45km south of perth myself looking forward to it
  15. I had a moment in a match where I had this fellow Kongo ramming me I fired at him at the start of the match as a warning for the constant ramming didnt damage him (yes childish) but very annoying. My question is as u see in the vid I turned around and returned fire on him I died and got turned pink but he didnt? Sorry Im not naming and shaming as I was also firing at this guy as well