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  1. Heres an idea for the dd players, learn how to play rather than relying on just hiding in the shadows and stealth burning ships to death. Now you know how all of the non stealth firing players feel. But we didnt whinge we adapted, so time for you to do the same.
  2. The thing I find most interesting about this is when a BB player complains about a nerf he gets flamed instantly. Yet now the dd's are going to get nerfed all you hear is crying about how unfair it is. You cant have it all your own way.
  3. perositi

    down the gurgler

    They say they have balanced it but all they have done is make it so DD's can invisi fire at long ranges outside of the detectability range and can burn a BB to death in no time, while nerfing the planes on a bb so you cant find the dd. Awesome job WG. But at the same time the community is killing itself, by constantly just hiding behind Islands too scared to engage, and then wonder why they lose. It isnt like if your ship gets blown up that you actually die in real life. Grow some balls and engage the enemy. If I could transfer my account off of the asian server I would, but starting over on another server is just out of the question.
  4. perositi

    What is with everybody.

    Over the past few weeks etc the number of people who will not engage or try to spend the whole game hiding behind islands etc is just getting ridiculous. Even dd's are to scared to go in and cap at the start of a domination match, BB's are hiding behind islands and then just try to snipe, other people just spend the game running away. Have I missed the announcement where it became hide and seek or whats the go. Talk about frustrating,
  5. perositi

    Gneisenau missing main guns

    I asked a question for clarification and got that, no need to be so arrogant about it!
  6. perositi

    Gneisenau missing main guns

    So in game they have the Gneisenau that never eventuated as Hitler ceased the conversion so a paper ship is what we have, Whereas during its actual battles during WW2 it was fitted with the same armament as the Scharnhorst.
  7. Why does the Scharnhorst have the right gun configuration yet the Gneisenau which is a Scharnhorst class ship is only fitted with 3 x 2 main guns when it should be 3 x 3 exactly the same as the Scharnhorst. Armament: 9 × 28 cm/54.5 (11 inch) SK C/34 12 × 15 cm/55 (5.9") SK C/28 14 × 10.5 cm/65 (4.1 inch) SK C/33 16 × 3.7 cm/L83 (1.5") SK C/30 10 (later 16) × 2 cm/65 (0.79") C/30 or C/38 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_battleship_Gneisenau Also attached a photo of the Gneisenau in dry dock
  8. perositi

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    we got the update yesterday
  9. When are you going to do something about the invisi firing and the amount of HE damage and fires that are dealt by all the rapid firing cruisers. They are able to burn a BB to death in no time even when you have all of the fire reduction skills / modules. Plus you have nerferd the spotter / fighter on BB's to 95sec yet Cruisers still get 6 minutes with their fighter. How is that balanced. I prefer the BB's even when I am constantly getting burnt to death but if you dont want people to play BB's then just get rid of them, dont just be cruel and let them be firewood for all the HE spamming Cruisers.
  10. No it hasnt. It doesnt show your location on the map it doesnt actually show you up at all. It is just a direction that you are in. It is only all the players who like to hide and invisi fire that would be complaining most because people will know what direction to look to try and find them. I find it funny how they complain about it and reckon it has broken the game, but when others complain that HE spamming and fire damage rates are to high these invsi spammers tell them to harden up it is part of the game. Cant have it all your own way.
  11. After having just experienced rdf I dont know what everybody is complaining about. It doesnt show your position on the map all it does is give you a sign that says located and the player with rdf gets a part ring on their screen which shows in what direction you are. So it might show what direction all the hiding spammers are in or what island you may be hiding behind. It isnt like your lit up like a christmas tree with arrows pointing at you.
  12. I have been playing wows for quite some time now and it just amazes me how the latest craze is to try and hide behind the islands and just spam HE. Most of the time to no effect other than not supporting the guys who are actually doing something. I find it great fun to just sneak upto them or hit them from range and all of a sudden they are looking for the next island to hide behind. When will people figure out that the machine gun ships that spam HE although annoying are truly just teaching them really bad playing habits. And if they want to get good at the game they should try and play normally. The number of people playing the HE spamming role is funny to watch especially when you chase them with a BB and then citadel them, then they cry foul. If Wargaming was to lower the damaged caused by the HE spammers I guess they might then look to play as one of the team rather than just an annoying brat. Just my 2 cents worth. Still a great game.
  13. perositi

    New weather effect, no thanks

    Is your tier 4 win / loss going down mate. I prescribe a teaspoon of concrete.
  14. perositi

    Not a fan of RU cruisers so far

    The russian cruisers are so fragile it is not funny. Get hit with either HE or AP and just watch your hit points disappear. They are more fragile than the German Cruisers by far.
  15. perositi

    Cleveland too much fun

    The cleveland is great fun, watching them blow up after a couple of salvos from my BB's. I take so much enjoyment watching a cleveland cruise in spamming, then seeing its health drop by half after first salvo then gone after the second. Yep I love clevelands.