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  1. IGN : kuarif Server : ASIA
  2. kuarif

    Design A Patch submission

    BRACE YOURSELF by : kuarif Inspired by the unlucky match i ever felt when sailing my ships Some process i've made :
  3. kuarif


    emmm happened to me on last week... france mission gave this game more ^&$#@(* players
  4. kuarif

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    "gib santa box plox" to kuarif please... oh please... yeah please... OMG, please...
  5. kuarif

    Experimenting on X'mas boxes

    Gallant, Alabama, 25 hydra, 15 Type 59 camo, 25 Frosty fit camo i got them from 5 huge box... i think i need to stop spend now
  6. kuarif

    Free Signals code

  7. kuarif

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    so in the new system of commander, WG decided we can get 19 level skill with free xp and what WG need from this new system? MONEY and we will see a lot of noob play with 19 points captain BRACE YOURSELF
  8. kuarif

    The frustration is real...

    than it's your fault for failure to carry the team than it's your fault for failure to carry the team than it's your fault for failure to carry the team all of my game with communication to my team mate, and its really my fault to carry the team?
  9. kuarif

    The frustration is real...

    3 win 3 lose, not only you... i know what you feel my win rate never increase on this month asiapotatoserver.mp4
  10. kuarif

    Love Secret Santa

    $10 = 5 x $1 + 1 x $5 ishizuchi 600 doubloons 60 new year camouflage 100 zulu
  11. kuarif

    Mighty Mo Poi poi poi

    can WG help us like saving money in the bank so we can get missouri with free xp only for that ship.. and we still use free xp for another ship